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Denzel Washington Rumored To Play Green Lantern In 'Man Of Steel' Sequel

12/31/2013 8:59pm EST
Denzel Washington
The upcoming sequel to this summer's blockbuster Superman flick Man of Steel is looking more and more like a full-on "Justice League" movie.

The film, tentatively titled Batman Vs. Superman, recently cast Ben Affleck in the role of the Caped Crusader, while "Fast & Furious 6" star Gal Gadot landed the role of Wonder Woman.

Adding to the list of heroes set to appear, Denzel Washington is currently the frontrunner to play Green Lantern in the film, according to Ace

Washington was originally considered for the role of bad guy Lex Luthor, but Joaquin Phoenix is currently tapped t...

Crime Fighter The Green Lantern Is Gay

6/2/2012 9:42am EDT
The Green Lantern
In order to diversify the face of DC Comics, The Green Lantern's alter-ego Alan Scott will be reintroduced as a homosexual man.

The controversial decision has horrified some right-wing groups. Christian group One Million Moms launched a letter-writing campaign earlier this week asking DC to cancel their plans to introduce a gay mainstream superhero. DC executives and writers of the comic have defended their decision.

The Green Lantern is one of comic's most enduring and recognizable superheroes. The character has fought crime in graphic novels for 72 years.

The character Alan Scott was i...

Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Buy A $2 Million Home Together

4/23/2012 8:45am EDT
Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds buy home
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have purchased their first home together in New York for more than $2 million, according to reports.

The "Green Lantern" co-stars, who began dating last year, were rumored to be househunting for a place together on the East Coast and now editors suggest they've found the perfect property in Bedford.

A source tells the website the actors have bought "a beautiful country home" in the Big Apple which "cost more than $2 million."

Lively previously dated her "Gossip Girl" co-star Penn Badgley and enjoyed a brief romance with Leonardo DiCaprio, while R...

Blake Lively: 'I've Had Four Boyfriends In My Whole Life'

2/2/2012 8:48am EST
Blake Lively
Blake Lively has only ever had "four boyfriends" and has never been on a real date.

The Gossip Girl star romanced her onscreen love interest Penn Badgley for three years before they split in 2010, and she went on to strike up a romance with Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

Lively, who is now involved with her Green Lantern co-star Ryan Reynolds, has admitted she is not a fan of casual dating and wouldn't sleep with a man outside of a relationship.

She tells Elle magazine, "I've had four boyfriends in my whole life. I've never been with anyone that's not a boyfriend. I didn't have a ...

Katy Perry & Emma Stone Were Big Winners At 2012 People's Choice Awards

1/12/2012 8:24am EST
Emma Stone
It was a huge night for Katy Perry at the People's Choice Awards in Los Angeles on Wednesday - even though the pop star's marriage break-up prevented her from attending.

The I Kissed a Girl star pulled out of the event earlier this week via a tweet but it was still very much her night as she picked up five awards, including one for her guest spot on TV comedy How I Met Your Mother.

Perry also claimed trophies for Favorite Female Artist, Favorite Song of the Year (E.T.), Favorite Music Video (Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)) and Favorite Tour Headliner.

It was also a great evening for the ...

The Serial Daters Of 2011

12/15/2011 4:00pm EST
Blake Lively
Some folks just can't settle down. Here are the serial daters of 2011: The celebs that hooked up with the most people!

After splitting with Penn Badgely in late 2010, Blake Lively took a tour of Hollywood's hunks. After a summer of romance with Leonardo DiCaprio, she hit it off with Green Lantern co-star Ryan Reynolds.

Scarlett Johansson dwarfs Lively's number of suitors. Her rumored boyfriends included Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Sean Penn, Kieran Culkin, and Bradley Cooper.

Bradley Cooper wasn't waiting around for Scarlett, though. He was linked to Jennifer Lopez, Olivia Wilde, Jennifer An...

'Sucker Punch' Is 2011's Top Movie Turkey

11/25/2011 2:00pm EST
Sucker Punch
Girl power action film Sucker Punch has topped an online poll to find the worst film of 2011.

The Zach Snyder film, starring Vanessa Hudgens, 'beat' Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star and Cowboys & Aliens in the Thanksgiving Day-themed Top Movie Turkey list compiled by movie website

Shark Night 3D and Mars Needs Moms also made the top five, while Red Riding Hood, Green Lantern and Conan The Barbarian feature in the top 10.

Elizabeth Hurley Has A Girl Crush On Blake Lively

10/24/2011 11:09am EDT
Elizabeth Hurley
Elizabeth Hurley is a big fan of her "Gossip Girl" co-star Blake Lively. So much so, Liz would date her - if she was a man.

She recently told OK, "I would marry her in a heartbeat if I had a sex change. She's absolutely perfect in every way."

Liz's 9-year-old son Damian had his "first date" with Blake. While Liz was working late on set, Blake offered to take her son for ice cream.

Meanwhile, Blake has recently been linked to her "Green Lantern" co-star Ryan Reynolds. The pair were spotted together over the weekend.

Check Out 'Green Lantern' On Blu-ray 3D Combo Pack, Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD & Digital Download

10/9/2011 7:24am EDT
Green Lantern
A test pilot embraces his destiny as a cosmic superhero in Casino Royale director Martin Campbell's adaptation of the popular DC Comics series "Green Lantern."

Ever since he saw his fearless father perish in a tragic aviation mishap, all Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) could think about was flying -- it was the only thing the brash, cocky, and irresponsible test pilot ever truly excelled at. Little did he realize he was destined for something much bigger. Somewhere out in space, a powerful force of evil known as Parallax is spreading fear and destruction; the only hope for defeating Parallax is...

Blake Lively Rebounding With Ryan Reynolds?

10/6/2011 5:00pm EDT
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds
After splitting up with Leonardo DiCaprio, is Blake Lively rebounding with Green Lantern co-star Ryan Reynolds?

Blake and Ryan were spotted together in Boston, where they allegedly shared a morning make-out session. A source tells Hollywood Gossip, "Blake isn’t upset or fazed by the breakup with Leo at all. When Ryan took Blake to catch her train back to NYC they were making out and looked really happy together."

Ryan Reynolds' most recent relationship was with ex-wife Scarlett Johansson, although it was rumored for some time he was romantic with friend Sandra Bullock.

Do you think the...

Summer Superhero Recap: What Worked, What Didn't, What Comes Next

7/25/2011 2:00pm EDT
Summer Superhero Recap 2011
Now that Captain America has slung his mighty shield across the cineplexes, 2011’s summer superhero quadrumvirate—Thor, X-Men: First Class, Green Lantern and Cap—is ripe for a recap: What worked, what didn’t, and most importantly, what comes next? (Oh, and even though they bested all four DC and Marvel characters at the box office, we’re not counting the Transformers or Harry Potter, okay?)


Released: May 6. Worldwide box office to date: ~$444 million. Rotten Tomatoes rating: 6.7/10

Marvel Comics’ God of Thunder kicked off the superhero summer in a film directed by the Shakespeare...

Muy Bueno! Ryan Reynolds Looks Sexy At Spanish 'Green Lantern' Premiere

7/22/2011 8:57am EDT
Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds attended the Spanish premiere of "Green Lantern' in Madrid yesterday. He looked sexy in a cream suit and button-down shirt.

The newly single star may not be unattached after all. Ryan and Scarlett Johansson finalized their divorce earlier this month, but the actor has been linked to Charlize Theron.

Ryan isn't done with his superhero roles. He stars in the upcoming "X-Men Origins: Deadpool." He returns as the wise-cracking killer for hire in this expansion of his Marvel character last seen in the blockbuster "Wolverine" solo film.

Are Ryan Reynolds & Charlize Theron Hollywood's Hottest New Couple?

7/13/2011 2:00pm EDT
Charlie Theron Ryan Reynolds
The rumor is that Ryan Reynolds and Charlize Theron are a couple. A source told Us Weekly they have been dating exclusively for months.

"Green Lantern" star Reynolds split from wife Scarlett Johansson last December, while Theron parted ways with longterm boyfriend Stuart Townsend in 2010 after nine years together.

"They're both career-focused," explained the source, "but not in a crazy way."

We may not know for sure if they are an item because Charlize won't appear in public with Ryan. "She won't go to an event with him," the insider reported.

Don't expect to hear any wedding bells soo...

'Cars 2' Races To Top Of Weekend Box Office

6/27/2011 8:59am EDT
Cars 2
Pixar Animation's "Cars 2" raced to the top of the box office at the weekend, raking in $68 million.

Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake's new comedy "Bad Teacher" premiered at number two with an impressive $31 million and Ryan Reynolds' "Green Lantern," which earned the first place opening last week, fell to the third spot with $18.4 million.

The new top five is rounded out by "Super 8" and "Mr. Popper's Penguins."

'Green Lantern' Dominates Weekend Box Office

6/20/2011 8:46am EDT
Green Lantern
Ryan Reynolds' superhero movie Green Lantern has shot to the top of the box office charts with an opening weekend $52.7 million take.

The film was an easy winner among new releases, with Jim Carrey's family comedy "Mr. Popper's Penguins" coming in third with $18.2 million.

The two debuts sandwiched last week's chart topper, "Super 8," which slipped to two on the new box office countdown.

The new top five is rounded out by prequel "X-Men: First Class" and sequel "The Hangover Part II."

Blake Lively Swam With Great White Sharks In South Africa

6/19/2011 3:55pm EDT
Blake Lively
Actress Blake Lively braved her fears and went shark diving in South Africa while on location filming new superhero film Green Lantern.

The Gossip Girl star made the most of a rare day off by taking the plunge and coming face-to-face with great white sharks, which are widely believed to be the most deadly creature in the ocean.

She says, "It's terrifying at first. They throw blood into the water and they throw fish guts. So you're standing on a boat and you're trying to lure in sharks. And then you see great whites circling your boat and that's a good thing? It's like everything you never...

Review: Campbell Paints Shallow Portrait In 'Green Lantern'

6/18/2011 1:03am EDT
Green Lantern
When adapting a comic book character for the first time on the big screen, writers and directors often struggle with effectively recreating the hero's world. This is because condensing a collection of written works into a movie is a difficult task. The filmmakers usually need to take liberties with converting them, to maintain a reasonable running time.

Given the constraints, they must balance effectively explaining the character's back story and compelling viewers with an adventure in the present. Only the best super hero adaptations give equal attention to both though, while the rest ...

Review: 'Green Lantern' 'Two Jews On Film' Agree This Superhero Falls To The Ground (Video)

6/16/2011 8:10pm EDT
Green Lantern
By Joan Alperin-Schwartz: Okay, so this is how the story goes...In a universe far, far away (where else would it be) an elite, powerful force has existed for centuries. Protectors of peace and justice, they are called the Green Lantern Corps.

Helpful fact to know for those of you unfamiliar with the DC comic...Green is the color of will. Yellow is the color of fear. is good...yellow, bad...very very bad.

Moving along...Each Green Lantern wears a ring that grants him the ability to create anything that their mind can imagine...Pretty cool, right?

Unfortunately, this re...

Blake Lively Looks Tantalizing In White At 'Green Lantern' Premiere

6/16/2011 8:17am EDT
Blake Lively
Blake Lively attended the "Green Lantern" Los Angeles premiere yesterday in a white dress embellished with flowers. The bottom half of her ensemble was sheer, showing just a hint of her long legs.

However, we're not sure we like the messy braided hair. What do you think?

The "Gossip Girl" star has gained a reputation for being one of the best dressed stars in Hollywood, and she comes up with the looks all on her own without a stylist.

She recently told Glamour magazine, "I don't feel like I have to do so much with hair and make-up, because I'm the mannequin for these beautiful clothes,...

Trailer Talk: This Week In Movies - 'Green Lantern,' 'Mr. Popper's Penguins,' & More

6/13/2011 2:00pm EDT
Green Lantern
I was impressed last week by the J.J. Abrams picture “Super 8,” which pays skillful homage to the craft of film’s executive producer on the project, Steven Spielberg. Abrams takes his own trademark intrigue and mashes it up with themes present in classic Spielberg stories like “E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial” and “Jaws,” to create a movie that is both visually impressive and possesses heart. For more of my thoughts, check out my review if you haven’t already.

Hitting the box office this week are the Ryan Reynolds comic book vehicle “Green Lantern,” the Jim Carrey comedy “Mr. Popper’s Pe...

Blake Lively Swears Off Stylists

6/5/2011 9:00am EDT
Blake Lively
Actress Blake Lively has sworn off the idea of hiring a stylist because she insists dressing herself is one of her favorite hobbies.

The Gossip Girl star, who recently became the face of top fashion design house Chanel, has gained a reputation for being one of the best dressed stars in Hollywood - and she comes up with the looks all on her own.

She tells Glamour magazine, "Gossip Girl completely blew open the door to fashion for me. I'd go to fashion shows and call my publicist and say, 'Can I wear that?' I think I became my own stylist by not knowing any better.

"And once I was told it ...

Hacker Sends Message To Blake Lively, Claims Second Batch Of Nude Photos Is Her

6/2/2011 8:54pm EDT
Blake Lively
A day after actress Blake Lively found herself at the center of a scandal in which photos of a blond woman standing naked in front of a mirror shooting pictures of herself with her iPhone were said to be the Gossip Girl star, more photos have surfaced.

On Wednesday, five images were released by a hacker who claimed the nude woman in the photos was Lively; but her representative quickly released a statement claiming the photos were fake and threatening to take legal action.

"The photos of Blake Lively which have just surfaced on various websites including Perez Hilton and Zap2it are 100 pe...

Ryan Reynolds Talks About His 'Dark Side,' Being Canadian & More In New Issue Of Details

5/28/2011 12:00pm EDT
Ryan Reynolds
"Green Lantern" star Ryan Reynolds has risen from comedy cutup to rom-com heartthrob to megabudget action star on the back of his everyman appeal — by just being a guy.

"The Hollywood a**hole is becoming a bit of a dinosaur every day, thank God," says Jason Bateman — Reynold's co-star in the upcoming "The Change-Up." "But it's still not the norm to be as decent as Ryan is. Decent without being a boob. He's the World's Sexiest Man and all that sh*t, but he's still a real guy, not a noodle."

Sandra Bullock says her longtime friend and co-star has a complexity beyond the friendly face that ...

'Green Lantern' Director Isn't A Fan Of 3D Films

5/28/2011 8:36am EDT
Green Lantern
"Green Lantern" director Martin Campbell opposed releasing the blockbuster in 3D as he is convinced the effect ruined "Clash Of The Titans."

The DC Comics adaption, which stars Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, is set to hit the big screen in 3D next month.

The director has applauded James Cameron for his use of the technology in "Avatar," but admits he had reservations about using it in his own movie after being unimpressed with 2010's "Titans" film.

He tells Total Film magazine, "There was little talk of 3D when we started. It does nothing for me.

"I enjoyed Avatar and I thought it was ...

Blake Lively Goes Auburn, Looks Incredible At Time 100 Gala

4/27/2011 8:19am EDT
Blake Lively
Blake Lively showed off her new auburn hairstyle on the red carpet for the prestigious "Time 100" gala in New York City yesterday.

The "Gossip Girl" star wore a stunning turquoise gown and displayed her "dagger nails" manicure. The event showcased Time magazine's 100 Most Influential People in the World.

Blake stars in the upcoming superhero film "Green Lantern" opposite Ryan Reynolds. The film hits theaters June 17.

Click for more Blake Lively pictures:

Ryan Reynolds Wins Over Comic Book Fans As 'Green Lantern'

4/5/2011 8:05pm EDT
Ryan Reynold went to San Francisco last weekend to unveil new footage of his Green Lantern movie to comic book fans at WonderCon. He clearly had their approval as the convention attendees cheered his Green Lantern costumes and asked him about his magnificent abs. Reynolds joked along with the crowd in the convention’s ballroom.

“They paid good money to come here,” Reynolds told the press later. “You’ve got to give them some entertainment I think. It was great to be there with the fans of this genre. I haven’t seen the footage in front of its audience yet. I’ve only seen it with a bunch of ...

Blake Lively's Red Ice Skater Dress - Thumbs Up Or Down?

4/1/2011 12:00pm EDT
Blake Lively
Blake Lively attended the CinemaCon 2011 Big Screen Achievement Awards at Caesars Palace Resort and Casino in Las Vegas yesterday looking like she just stepped off the ice.

What do you think of her red getup?

The actress received the Breakthrough Performer of the Year award. CinemaCon managing director Mitch Neuhauser said, "Blake recently captivated audiences and critics around the world with her stunning turn in The Town, and Green Lantern is one of the most anticipated films of the year. We are thrilled to honor such a wonderful young talent."

Click for more Blake Lively pictures:

Blake Lively Named CinemaCon's Breakthrough Star

3/24/2011 12:31pm EDT
Blake Lively
Gossip Girl star Blake Lively is set to be recognized as Hollywood's top emerging talent at an upcoming Las Vegas film convention.

The actress will receive the Breakthrough Performer of the Year award at the annual CinemaCon convention, hosted by the National Association of Theatre Owners.

Her Green Lantern co-star Ryan Reynolds will be handed CinemaCon's Male Star of the Year award at the gala in Caesars Palace on March 31st.

CinemaCon managing director Mitch Neuhauser says, "Blake recently captivated audiences and critics around the world with her stunning turn in The Town, and Gree...

Angela Basset Looks Fabulous At 52

2/26/2011 5:00pm EST
Angela Bassett
We spotted Angela Bassett at the 4th Annual Essence Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon earlier this week looking pretty darn good at 52.

Angela stars in the upcoming film "Jumping the Broom" about two vastly divergent African-American families who clash during a lavish weekend wedding at Martha's Vineyard.

She also appears in the summer film "Green Lantern" opposite Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively.

Fashion Fail: Blake Lively's Purple Prom Dress Disaster

1/12/2011 11:00am EST
Blake Lively
"Gossip Girl" star Blake Lively appeared at the 2011 National Board of Review of Motion Pictures Gala looking as if she just came from a prom. But we do like her turquoise accessories. What do you think of the puffy shouldered outfit?'s Sexiest Woman in 2011 Movies list chose Blake as the "Next Big American Movie Star." She stars in the upcoming film "Green Lantern."

Despite this fashion fail, Blake was at the top of fashion to do lists in 2010. When she wasn't showing off those legs that go on forever, the rest of her curvy frame was on display in tight and beautiful outfits...