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Great Hope Springs Cast and Crew

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Meryl Streep - Kay
Tommy Lee Jones - Arnold
Steve Carell - Doctor Feld
Jean Smart - Eileen, Kay's Friend
Ben Rappaport - Brad, Their Son
Marin Ireland - Molly, Their Daughter
Patch Darragh - Mark, Their Son-in-law
Elisabeth Shue - Karen, The Bartender
Mimi Rogers - Carol, The Neighbor
Brett Rice - Vince, Arnold's Friend
Becky Ann Baker - Cora, The Waitress
Charles Techman - Charlie, The Docent
Daniel Flaherty - Danny, The Bookstore Clerk
Damian Young - Mike, The Innkeeper
Ann Harada - Ann, The Happy Wife
Jack Haley - Jack, The Happy Husband
Susan Misner - Dana, Doctor Feld's Wife
Rony Clanton - Ronnie, The Taxi Driver
John Srednicki - John, The Waiter
Madeline Ruskin - Maddie, Brad's Girlfriend
Lee M Cunningham - Lee, The Unhappy Wife
Paul Jude Letersky - Paul, The Unhappy Husband
Rogina Bedell-O'Brien - Rogina, The Exiting Patient
Stephen Lee Davis - Steve, The Grocery Shopper
David Frankel
Todd Black
Guymon Casady
Steve Tisch
Jason Blumenthal
Nathan Kahane
Jessie Nelson
Kelli Konop
Brian Bell
Lawrence Grey
Chris Coggins
Lance Johnson
Jeffrey Harlacker
Robyn Norris
Vanessa Taylor