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Greased Lightning Cast and Crew

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Richard Pryor - Wendell Scott
Beau Bridges - Hutch
Pam Grier - Mary Jones
Cleavon Little - Peewee
Vincent Gardenia - Sheriff Cotton
Richie Havens - Woodrow
Julian Bond - Russell
Earl Hindman - Beau Welles
Minnie Gentry - Mrs Scott
Lucy Saroyan - Hutch's Wife
Noble Willingham - Billy Joe Byrnes
Bruce Atkins - Deputy Turner
Steve Fifield - Deputy Drinkwater
Bill Connell - Speedway Announcer
Bill Cobbs - Mary's Father
Georgia Allen - Mary's Mother
Maynard Jackson - Minister
Danny Nelson - Wayne Carter
Cara Dunn - Restaurant Owner
Alvin Huff - Moonshiner
Willie McWhorter - Wendell Jr
Frederick Dennis Greene - Slack
Michael Schultz
Hannah Weinstein
Richard Bell
J Lloyd Grant
James Hinton
Kenneth Vose
Lawrence DuKore
Melvin Van Peebles
Leonidas Capetanos