Grand Hotel

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Genre: Adaptation, Comedy, Foreign

Klara Issova
Marek Taclik
Jaroslav Plesl
Jaromír Dulava

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Fleischman, a thirty-year-old hotel porter, lives a lonely life full of frustrations and strange rituals. The Grand Hotel, where he works and lives, is as lonely and as isolated as his small town on the Czech-German border. His only friends are the lost souls and incurable eccentrics who work and visit the hotel. Fleischman's dreams are modest--finding a girl to love and venturing past the borders of his small town--but he has failed to realize them despite his many attempts. To survive the everyday dreariness, Fleischman snoops on the hotel guests and engages in his peculiar fetishes. And in order to finally attain his dreams, he secretly works on building a hot-air balloon that in the spir... Full Summary >>