Gobots: Battle of the Rock Lords Cast and Crew

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Margot Kidder - of Solitaire
Roddy McDowall - of Nuggit
Michael Nouri - of Boulder
Telly Savalas - of Magmar
Ike Eisenmann - of Nick
Bernard Erhard - of Cy-Kill
Marilyn Lightstone - of Crasher
Morgan Paul - of Matt
Lou Richards - of Leader-1
Leslie Speights - of A J
Frank Welker - s of Scooter/Zeemon/Rest-Q/Pulver-Eye/Sticks/Narliphant
Michael Patrick Bell - s of Slime/Narligator/Granite
Foster Brooks - s of Stone Heart/Fossil Lord
Arthur Burghardt - s of Turbo/Cop-Tur/Talc
Ken Hudson Campbell - of Vanguard
Philip Lewis Clarke - s of Herr Fiend/Crackpot/Tork
Peter Cullen - s of Pincher/Tombstone/Stone
Dick Gautier - s of Brimstone/Klaws/Rock Narlie
Darryl Hickman - s of Marbles/Hornet
B J Ward - of Small Foot
Kelly Ward - of Fitor
Kirby Ward - of Heat Seeker
Don Lusk
Alan Zaslove
Ray Patterson
Kay Wright
Patrick S Feely
William Hanna
Joseph Barbera
Stephen G Shank
Raymond E McDonald
Joe Taritero
Lynn Hoag
Mark W Ludke
Jeffery Lyle Segal
Kelly Ward

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