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Sasha Grey Joins Cast Of 'Entourage'

5/8/2010 1:12pm EDT
Adult star Sasha Grey is sexing up TV hit "Entourage" - she's set to romance Adrian Grenier's character after landing a recurring role on the show.

The adult film star was approached by "Entourage" creator Doug Ellin to appear in an upcoming episode in a plotline reportedly inspired by actor Charlie Sheen's late 1990s affair with an adult film actress.

Ellin admits the part was written specifically for Grey, stating, "I wouldn't have done this storyline if Sasha passed (on the role)."

And the actress has already made friends on the set.

Grenier tells TV Guide, "You can't believe she's a...

Sasha Grey To Play A Virgin In Horror Film

3/16/2010 8:41am EDT
Sasha Grey-CSH-064468.jpg
Top porn star Sasha Grey has landed an odd new movie role as a Bible-wielding teen who takes a purity pledge and refuses to have sex before marriage.

The adult film star, who has appeared in over 180 porn movies in the past four years, has signed up to star in new horror film "Hallows" as an unlikely virgin.

Writer/director Richard O'Sullivan says, "We toyed with offering Sasha another sexier role in the film, but she fell in love with the idea of playing against type, portraying the exact opposite of what the public perceives her to be."

It's not Grey's first non-porn movie - the 22 yea...

Sasha Grey Strips For PETA

1/21/2010 1:23pm EST
Sasha Grey-PRN-039581.jpg
Adult star Sasha Grey is doing her part for a new People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) campaign, encouraging pet owners to neuter and spay their furry companions. Yowza. See more sexy PETA ads after the jump.

R&B star Kelis recently made waves with PETA for wearing fur. Addressing her fondness for animal coats, Kelis wrote, "It's not just the look of fur. It's warm as hell and feels glorious, ever rubbed faux fur on your body? Nothing luxurious about that.

PETA responded, "Please know that animals killed for their fur endure immense suffering. Foxes, minks, coyotes, and r...

25 Top Movies Of 2009 (So Far)

11/26/2009 9:44am EST
As with every year there are dozens of great movies but there are even more really bad ones. 2009 will be marked by Quentin Tarantino and Sacha Baron Cohen comebacks along with a bevy of bad movies, highlighted by Megan Fox's performance in Jennifer's Body. There were plenty of good movies and we may have the most fun making fun of the bad and helpless ones, but let's take a look at the best movies of 2009.

Most blockbuster movies are filled with overrated stars (i.e. Will Smith and Tom Cruise) and are seemingly contrived, made only to make money. Thankfully this year there were not as ...

New Movies On DVD, Sept. 29

9/29/2009 8:00am EDT
Monsters vs. Aliens
When human-hating aliens disrupt earthbound cable-television signals, it's up to a monster-hunting superhero to take out the pesky extraterrestrials and ensure that television viewers are not deprived in Monsters Vs. Aliens. Also on DVD: Away We Go, The Brothers Bloom, Management, The Girlfriend Experience and Shrink.

This Week's Movie Buzz: See It, Rent It, Or Skip It?

5/18/2009 9:25am EDT
Terminator Salvation
The first three weeks of the summer movie season started out a bit slow, but from here the momentum really starts to build. There's a spike in the number of movies premiering with six coming out this week, two of which are sequels. One of those sequels is a movie I've been anticipating since I heard it was in development. Hint: it involves giant robots, and it's not "Transformers 2."

Opening in cinemas this week are "Terminator Salvation," "Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian," "Dance Flick," "Easy Virtue," "The Girlfriend Experience," and "The Boys: The Sherman Brothers...