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Ginger Snaps

Gingersnaps II Unleashed

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Release Date: April 13, 2004
Genre: Horror, Sequel

Katharine Isabelle
Emily Perkins
Janet Kidder
Eric Johnson

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Mistaken for a junkie, Brigitte is involuntarily committed to a rehabilitation center. The needle marks and scars along Brigitte's arms are indeed self-inflicted, but not because she's an addict. Brigitte is trying to combat the mutating werewolf cells that are taking over her body, the same kind of cells that transformed and consumed her late sister, Ginger. Haunted by Ginger, Brigitte discovers she is no match for the imminent mutation. A bigger problem, though, is what is trying to get inside the hospital. It is large, it is powerful, it kills and it wants to be with Brigitte. Brigitte knows that if she stays in the hospital many people will die. What she does not know is that another evi... Full Summary >>