Get Over It

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Release Date: October 04, 1996Running Time: 78 mins.
Box Office: $342.00
Genre: Comedy

Christian Canterbury
Deborah Cordell
Nick Katsapetses
David McCrea

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When Steven is dumped by his boyfriend, Derek, he slides into a deep depression out of which his ultra-sarcastic best friend, Pam, is unable to shake him. She then decides to invite all of their old friends from LA to help cheer him up. As Steven remarks to Pam when he hears her plan, "What did you invite them for?! You know they're all couples! They'll only remind me of how lonely I am!" Within hours after the arrival of the gang from LA, trouble starts surfacing among all the characters, and by the end of the night, all the males get intertwined resulting in a sexual/emotional casserole. The remainder of the weekend comically explores the aftermath of the men's infidelities while the women... Full Summary >>