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Get Him to the Greek Cast and Crew

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Jonah Hill - Aaron Green
Russell Brand - Aldous Snow
Elisabeth Moss - Daphne Binks
Sean Combs - Sergio
Rose Byrne - Jackie Q
Aziz Ansari - Matty
Kristen Schaal - Today Show Production Assistant
Tyler McKinney - African Child in Video
Zoe Salmon - Herself
Lino Facioli - Naples
Lars Ulrich - Himself
Mario Lopez - Himself
Billy Bush - Himself
Kurt Loder - Himself
Christina Aguilera - Herself
Colm Meaney - Jonathan Snow
Ray Siegle - Paparazzo in Los Angeles
Chad Cleven - Paparazzi in Los Angeles
Jonathan Chris Lopez - Paparazzi in Los Angeles
Vero Felice Monti - Paparazzi in Los Angeles
Daniel O'Leary - Himself
Kali Hawk - Kali
Nick Kroll - Kevin
Brandon A Johnson - Pinnacle Executive
Ivan Shaw - Pinnacle Executive
Ellie Kemper - Pinnacle Executive
Jake M. Johnson - Jazz Man
Da'Vone McDonald - Sergio's Security Guard
Derek Ressallat - Dr. Coltrane
Carl Theobald - Duffy Servant Dude
Dinah Stabb - Lena Snow
Gee Sekweyama - Aldous' Mate in London
Jamie Sives - Aldous' Mate in London
Tom Felton - Himself
Zoe Richards - Club Girl in London
Jessica Ellerby - Club Girl in London
Tony Van Silva - Old Man on Bike
Meddy Ford - Party Girl in Limo
Rebecca Kinder - Party Girl in Limo
Jim Piddock - Limousine Driver in London
Kristen Bell - Sarah Marshall
Ricky Schroder - Himself
Ryan Shiraki - Rianna the Hairdresser
Jose Ramon Rosario - Limousine Driver in New York
Pharrell Williams - Himself
Meredith Vieira - Herself
Sean Mannion - Today Show Sound Guy
David Auerbach - Today Show Stage Manager
Howard Strawbridge - Today Show Lighting Director
Stphen G Lucas - Today Show Director
Paul Krugman - Himself
Lenny Widegren - Infant Sorrow Guitarist
Roger Joseph Manning - Infant Sorrow Keyboardist/Guitarist
Sean Hurley - Infant Sorrow Bassist
Victor Indrizzo - Infant Sorrow Drummer
Ato Essandoh - Smiling African Drummer
Bashiri Johnson - African Percussionist
Kimati Dinizulu - African Percussionist
Gary Fritz - African Percussionist
Jelani Johnson - African Percussionist
Daoud Woods - African Percussionist
Sheldon Goode - African Percussionist
Mauwena Kodjovi - African Percussionist
Richard Child - Today Show Audience Member
Caroline Limata - Today Show Audience Member
John J Schneider - Today Show Audience Member
Aurora Nonas-Barnes - Oak Room Girl
Jennifer Perry - Flirtatious Party Girl
Lindsey Broad - Pocket Dial Girl
Nicole Sciacca - Dancer at Nightclub in New York
Thomas Nowell - S&M Guy Who Looks Like Moby
Duane Sequira - Drug Dealer in New York
Ronald J Garner - TSA Agent at JFK
Joyful M'Chelle Drake - Sergio's Baby Mama
Francesca Delbanco - Admiral Club Attendant
TJ Miller - Brian the Concierge
Neal Brennan - Guy at Brian's House
Stephanie Faracy - Wendy
Brian Duprey - Frank Look-Alike
Kyle Diamond - Sammy Look-Alike
Thomas Wallek - Joey Look-Alike
Drew Anthony Carrano - Dean Look-Alike
Kelly Ann Buckman - Waitress in Vegas
Giuseppina Castiglione - Lap Dancer in Vegas
Christine Nguyen - Lap Dancer in Vegas
Diana Terranova - Lap Dancer in Vegas
Ava Vassileva - Topless Party Girl
Carla Gallo - Destiny
Carlos Jacott - Navigator Driver in Vegas
Rino Romano - Announcer Voice
Joe Benson - DJ Voice
Sarah Haskins - Girl in Crowd at Standard Hotel
Andrew Burlinson - Hipster in Crowd at Standard Hotel
Tom Chadwick - Tom the Assistant
Mike Viola - Furry Walls Rhythm Guitarist
Dan Rothchild - Furry Walls Bassist
Dayton Knoll - VH1 Storytellers Audience Member
Chris Evans - VH1 Storytellers Audience Member
Hannah Cowley - VH1 Storytellers Audience Member
Hannah Schick - VH1 Storytellers Audience Member
Megan Presley - VH1 Storytellers Audience Member
Nicholas Stoller
Judd Apatow
David Bushell
Rodney Rothman
Nicholas Stoller
Richard Vane
Jason Segel
Phil Eisen
Nicholas Stoller
Jason Segel