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Brad Pitt's 'Fury' Tops Box Office, Actor Says 'War Is Hell' At London Film Festival

10/20/2014 8:18am EDT
Brad Pitt's war movie "Fury" debuted at number one over the weekend, making $23.5 million in ticket sales.

The film bumped the Ben Affleck thriller "Gone Girl" ($17.8 million) to number two, while animated movie "The Book Of Life" ($17 million) took home the third spot.

"Fury" closed out the London Film Festival, and Pitt explained that the film gave him a new insight into what soldiers faced during World War II.

"Our wish is the soldiers themselves feel they were respectfully recognized. War is hell. It is an amazing fact of human nature that one year we can be chopping each other up (a...

Shia LaBeouf Cut His Own Face For 'Fury'

10/6/2014 1:54pm EDT
Shia LaBeouf Cut His Own Face For 'Fury'
Shia LaBeouf wanted to look realistic in upcoming film "Fury," so he cut his face instead of using make-up. The actor shocked his co-stars when he used a real blade to slash his face because he was unhappy with the prosthetic gashes that the make-up artists created.

His co-star Logan Lerman told GQ magazine: "We were in make-up and they were putting cuts on Shia and I said, 'Yeah, yeah, it looks good.' And Shia was like, 'No, it doesn't look real.' Then he walks out into the hallway and says, 'Hey man, wanna see something fun? Check this out...' and he takes out a knife and cuts his face. ...

Brad Pitt Takes Charge In New 'Fury' Trailer

6/25/2014 9:15pm EDT
Brad Pitt Takes Charge In New 'Fury' Trailer
In "Fury," Brad Pitt plays Wardaddy, a sergeant who commands a five-man team that must take its Sherman tank named Fury on a dangerous mission during World War II.

As the crew strikes at the Nazis, they quickly realize they are vastly outnumbered and outgunned. It becomes increasingly clear that their task has turned into a suicide mission.

During filming, Pitt invited a World War II veteran to the set to act as a consultant. Peter Comfort traveled to the United Kingdom and said of the experience: "They wanted a lot of information to make it accurate. They wanted to know where we slept, w...

Shia LaBeouf Angers 'Fury' Cast By Refusing To Shower

1/6/2014 2:03pm EST
Shia LaBeouf
Shia LaBeouf can't seem to do anything right. After making headlines for plagiarizing screenwriter Daniel Clowes to make his short film, Shia isn't making any friends on the set of his new film, Fury.

The Daily Mail reports LaBeouf is taking his method acting too far, refusing to shower for weeks at a time and pulling one of his teeth for his role in the World War II film. "Shia drove everyone mad on set trying to prove that he was the most dedicated star. He pulled out  his own tooth during the first few weeks of filming and then refused to shower for weeks on end so he ...

Brad Pitt Buys WWII Spitfire Airplane For $3 Million

12/5/2013 8:40am EST
Brad Pitt
Hollywood actor Brad Pitt was so enthused by his World War II motion picture Fury he reportedly purchased one of the airplanes used by the Royal Air Force during the conflict.

The 49-year-old actor reportedly paid $3.3 million for the World War II-era Spitfire airplane.

A source tells The Sun, "Brad, who has done everything from sleep in the trenches to learn to drive a tank for the film, has now invested in one of the iconic machines."

Pitt will also reportedly take flying lessons at the Boultbee Flying Academy in Oxford to learn how to fly the airplane.

A spokesperson for Boultbee...

Brad Pitt's 'Fury' Deemed 'Grossly Insensitive' For Filming Nazi Battle Scenes On Remembrance Day

11/11/2013 8:31am EST
Brad Pitt's 'Fury' Deemed 'Grossly Insensitive' For Filming Nazi
The honchos behind Brad Pitt's upcoming movie Fury ignited indignation across Britain by reportedly shooting battle scenes on the day the country honors soldiers who have died in combat.

The crew of the World War Two action movie, which stars Pitt as a tank commander, infuriated local residents in Oxfordshire, by shooting scenes on Remembrance Sunday, despite reportedly receiving requests from local authorities to halt filming to observe the memorial.

In the early hours of Sunday morning, a hundred British extras are said to have been hired to dress as German and U.S. troops for the sho...

Stuntman Bayoneted On The Set Of 'Fury'

10/15/2013 2:42pm EDT
A stuntman working on Brad Pitt's World War II motion picture Fury has been hospitalized in England after he was accidentally stabbed on set.

On Tuesday, the 35 year old was rehearsing for a scene with another stunt expert on a private farm in Pyrton, Oxfordshire when he was jabbed with a bayonet.

He was airlifted to John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, where he is currently receiving treatment for his injuries.

A spokeswoman for the production has confirmed the incident, although no further details, including the victim's identity, had been released as WENN went to press.

Pitt is cur...