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Check Out The 'Full Metal Jacket' 25th Anniversary Blu-ray Book

8/7/2012 6:19am EDT
Full Metal Jacket Blu-ray book
Stanley Kubrick returned to filmmaking after a seven-year hiatus for "Full Metal Jacket," which crystallizes the experience of the Vietnam War by concentrating on a group of raw Marine volunteers.

Based on Gustav Hasford's novel "The Short Timers," the film's first half details the volunteers' harrowing boot-camp training under the profane, powersaw guidance of drill instructor Sgt. Hartman (R. Lee Ermey, a real-life drill instructor whose performance is one of the most terrifyingly realistic on record).

Part two takes place in Vietnam, as seen through the eyes of the now thoroughly indoc...

Celebs Who Gained Weight For Movie Roles

12/7/2010 4:00pm EST
Matt Damon The Informant
Last week we listed some celebrities that lost weight for their movie roles. Now, let's take a look at the other side of the spectrum - stars that risked their figures for movie roles by packing on pounds.

Michelle Williams convinced the director of Blue Valentine that her character should weight more. She put on 15 pounds when she played the part. Her co-star Ryan Gosling gained 14.

Remember Matt Damon when he was fat? The heartthrob put 30 pounds of weight on his frame to play a doughy office worker in The Informant! He then shed it all as quickly as possible for fitter roles in Invic...

R. Lee Ermey Talks 'Lock 'N Load'

8/28/2009 11:02am EDT
R. Lee Ermey
" IS FOR FUN." That's the mantra R. Lee Ermey hammered into his young soldiers as sadistic Sgt. Hartman in the 1987 classic "Full Metal Jacket." Now as host of the History Channel's "Lock 'N Load With R. Lee Ermey" the actor and former Marine is surrounding himself with just about every gun imaginable. Each episode examines the historical progression of a specific weapon with lots of explosions along the way. Hand cannons, tanks, machine guns, bow and name it, Ermey's playing with it.

"I don't mess around with video games because I do it for real," the actor said of his cons...

Overrated & Underrated Oscar Winners For Best Picture

2/16/2009 9:00am EST
Saying a Best Picture winner is overrated is quite simple. If you think a movie is terrible and it won Best Picture ipso facto it is overrated. But what about an underrated Best Picture winner?

By definition, it should be impossible for a Best Picture winner to be underrated. Why? Because they already won - so their greatness is recognized. It's like having an underrated Hall-of-Famer or underrated Adult Film Award Winner, it should be impossible.

That simply isn't true, however. There are several Best Picture winners that have been completely forgotten over the years, many...

In Honor Of Memorial Day Weekend: Our Favorite War Movies

5/23/2008 8:30am EDT
Saving Private Ryan
Memorial Day commemorates members of the armed forces who died in war or any military action. Americans often celebrate Memorial Day by watching the Indy 500, going shopping, or having family picnics. Why not spend this Memorial Day thinking about the soldiers who gave their lives to the United States by watching a war film?

The staff here at got together and came up with a list of some of our favorite war movies. Here they are in no particular order:

Band of Brothers (2001) - Yes, we know it's technically a mini-series, but it's so good we had to include it. The ...

What Are The Best Soundtracks From Movies In The 80s?

2/28/2008 12:27pm EST
Top Ten 80s Movie Soundtracks
Starpulse recently ran a 'Top Ten 80s Albums' list, in which the inclusion of the Top Gun soundtrack inspired me to come up with a list of the "Top Ten 80s Movie Soundtracks." After doing a little 'freshening up,' both through my own personal collection, growing-up-80's memories and, oh, some website that has info about movies & music and the like, I've narrowed my list down to the top ten.

(And no, "Top Gun" didn't take my breath away and make it onto the list)

The main criteria used here is that only the film had to be released in the 80s, not the music contained on its soundtrack. I ...