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Flight Cast and Crew

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Denzel Washington - Whip Whitaker
Don Cheadle - Hugh Lang
Kelly Reilly - Nicole
John Goodman - Harling Mays
Bruce Greenwood - Charlie Anderson
Brian Geraghty - Ken Evans
Tamara Tunie - Margaret Thomason
Nadine Velazquez - Katerina Marquez
James Badge Dale - Gaunt Young Man
Garcelle Beauvais - Deana
Melissa Leo - Ellen Block
Peter Gerety - Avington Carr
Justin Martin - Will
Carter Cabassa - Son On Plane
Adam Ciesielski - Father On Plane
Conor O’Neill - Kip
Charlie E Schmidt - Tiki Pot
Will Sherrod - Schecter
Boni Yanagisawa - Camelia Satou
Adam Tomei - Fran
Dane Davenport - Derek Hogue
John Crow - Field Reporter
E Roger Mitchell - Craig Matson
Ravi Kapoor - Dr. Kenan
Jill Jane Clements - Morning Nurse
Tommy Kane - Mark Mellon
Susie Spear - Waitress
Philip Pavel - Bartender
Piers Morgan - Himself
Jim Tilmon - Himself
Reverend Charles Z. Gardner - Pentecostal Minister
Tom Nowicki - Len Caldwell
Jason Benjamin - Carr's Business Guy / Stalking Reporter
Ric Reitz - Carr's Attorney
Timothy Adams - Whip's Dad
Darius Woods - Young Will
Ron Caldwell - Trevor
Dylan Kussman - Two Beer Barry
Janet Metzger - Sheila
Bethany Anne Lind - Vicky Evans
Sharon Blackwood - Peach Tree Employee
Pam Smith - Peach Tree Employee
Shannon Walshe - Tilda Banden
Rhoda Griffis - Amanda Anderson
Michael Beasley - Officer Edmonds
Ted Hall - TV Reporter
Laila Pruitt - Girl On Elevator
Precious Bright - Mom On Elevator
Steve Coulter - NTSB Officer At Hearing
Ted Huckabee - Prison Guard
Sarah Clark - Radio Talk Show Host
Vinnie Hasson - Radio Talk Show Host
Randy Thom - Radio Stock Market Reporter
Dennis P Wise - Air Traffic Controller
Paul Volle - Air Traffic Controller
Hal Williams - Whip's Dad
Kwesi Boakye - Young Will
Robert Zemeckis
Walter F Parkes
Laurie MacDonald
Steve Starkey
Robert Zemeckis
Jack Rapke
Cherylanne Martin
Heather Smith
John Gatins