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Fireflies in the Garden Cast and Crew

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Ryan Reynolds - Michael Taylor
Willem Dafoe - Charles Taylor
Emily Watson - Jane Lawrence
Julia Roberts - Lisa Taylor
Carrie-Anne Moss - Kelly Hanson
Ioan Gruffudd - Addison
Hayden Panettiere - Young Jane Lawrence
Chase Ellison - Christopher Lawrence
Cayden Boyd - Young Michael Taylor
Shannon Lucio - Ryne Waechter
George Newbern - Jimmy Lawrence
Brooklynn Proulx - Leslie Lawrence
Diane Perella - Fight Attendant
Natalie Karp - Social Worker
Reverend John Stennfield - Reverend Byers
Philip Rose - Papi
Babs George - Nana
Frank Ertl - Morgan Duncan
Grady McCardell - Officer #1
Dennis Lee
Marco Weber
Vanessa Coifman
Sukee Chew
Philip Rose
Jere Hausfater
Milton Liu
Dennis Lee