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Fight Club Cast and Crew

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Edward Norton - Narrator
Brad Pitt - Tyler Durden
Meat Loaf - Robert Paulsen
Zach Grenier - Richard Chesler--Regional Manager
Richmond Arquette - Intern at Hospital
David Andrews - Thomas at Remaining Men Together
George Maguire - Group Leader at Remaining Men Together
Eugenie Bondurant - Weeping Woman at Onward and Upward
Christina Cabot - Leader at Partners In Positivity
Helena Bonham Carter - Marla Singer
Sydney Colston - Speaker at Free and Clear
Rachel Singer - Chloe
Christine Cronenweth - Airline Check-In Attendant
Tim deZarn - Federated Motor Company Inspector Bird
Ezra Buzzington - Federated Motor Company Inspector Dent
Dierdre Downing-Jackson - Business Woman on Plane
Bob Stephenson - Airport Security Officer
Charlie Dell - Doorman at Pearson Towers
Rob Lanza - Man in Suit
David Lee Smith - Walter
Holt McCallany - The Mechanic
Joel Bissonnette - Food Court Maitre d'
Eion Bailey - Ricky
Evan Mirand - 'Steph'
Robby Robinson - Next Month's Opponent
Lou Beatty - Cop at Marla's Building
Thom Gossom - Detective Stern
Valerie Bickford - Cosmetics Buyer
Jared Leto - Angel Face
Peter Iacangelo - Lou
Carl Ciarfalio - Lou's Body Guard
Stuart Blumberg - Car Salesman
Todd Peirce - Man No 1 at Auto Shop
Mark Fite - Man No 2 at Auto Shop
Matt Winston - Seminary Student
Joon B Kim - Raymond K Hessel
Bennie E Moore - Bus Driver with Broken Nose
Lauren Sanchez - Channel 4 Reporter
Pat McNamara - Commissioner Jacobs
Tyrone R Livingston - Banquet Speaker
Owen Masterson - Airport Valet
David Jean-Thomas - Policeman
Paul Carafotes - Salvator--Winking Bartender
Christopher John Fields - Proprietor of Dry Cleaners
Anderson Bourell - Bruised Bar Patron No 1
Scotch Ellis Loring - Bruised Bar Patron No 2
Michael Shamus Wiles - Bartender in Halo
Andi Carnick - Hotel Desk Clerk
Edward Kowalczyk - Waiter at Clifton's
Leonard Termo - Desk Sergeant
Van Quattro - Detective Andrew
Markus Redmond - Detective Kevin
Michael Girardin - Detective Walker
Bennie Moore - Bus Driver with Broken Nose
David Fincher
Art Linson
Ceán Chaffin
Ross Grayson Bell
Arnon Milchan
John S Dorsey
Jim Uhls
Chuck Palahniuk