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The Hottest Female Movie Villains

5/11/2015 9:19am EDT
Evil & Enticing: The Sexiest Female Villains On Film
There's nothing sweet about this list of sexy, strong-willed lady villains. They have graced the big screen with their big personalities and are the hottest characters we love to hate.

Angelina Jolie, "Maleficent" (2014)

The film centers on Maleficent, a young, pure-hearted girl who protects her forest kingdom but is betrayed. Seeking revenge, she feuds with the invading king's successor and places a curse upon his newborn infant Aurora. And then she forms a bond with the little girl, and everything changes...

During Disney's annual fan convention in Anaheim, Calif., in 2013, Jolie told ...

Glenn Close Laments 'Fatal Attraction' Role

6/5/2013 6:43pm EDT
Glenn Close
Glenn Close regrets portraying a knife-wielding stalker in Fatal Attraction as she is convinced her most famous film role contributed to the stigmatization of mental health issues.

Close won an Oscar nomination for her portrayal of disturbed Alex Forrest, a woman who pursues a married man, played by Michael Douglas, and even boils his family's pet rabbit after he ends their affair in the 1987 thriller.

The film gave rise to the unflattering term 'bunny boiler' for an unstable woman, and Close, whose sister and nephew both suffer mental health problems, insists she now wishes she had don...

Glenn Close Disgusted By Inclusion In Lewd Navy Video

1/5/2011 9:45am EST
Glenn Close
Glenn Close is furious after footage of her visiting an aircraft carrier ended up in a series of lewd videos by a disgraced Navy Captain - and she insisted she's "distraught" over her inclusion in the clips.

The "Fatal Attraction" star is seen in a string of films made by Captain Owen Honors of the USS Enterprise, one of America's premiere aircraft carriers.

The video, which Honors claims he made to boost Navy officers' morale, shows young women showering, overweight men in bikinis and jokes about proctology exams, while Close is seen in a montage at the end of the clip wearing a Navy hat...

Starpulse Is Movie Obsessed

12/3/2010 10:59pm EST
Obsession can come in many forms; one can become fixated with an individual, an object or a feeling. At Starpulse, we are obsessed with Glee, Brangelina, Suri Cruise, anything Martin Scorsese and of course The Beiber. In honor of Black Swan's opening weekend, a movie that centers on an obsession, here are a few other movies about being obsessed. Some are creepy, some are fascinating and some are just sick.

Black Swan- Natalie Portman's character, Nina, is a professional ballerina in New York City, who is completely obsessed with perfection. She yearns to be perfect at her craft and will ...

5 Movies Guys Shouldn't Watch

6/24/2010 9:06am EDT
Thelma & Louise
It’s easy to pick out movies that don’t particularly sit well with many American men. Cue the Chick Flicks. Beaches. Steel Magnolias. Waiting to Exhale. Anything with Meg Ryan. But some movies just flat out scare the bejesus out of men. Here are five movies that do just that, and possibly more.

Fatal Attraction: The premise: Man (Michael Douglas), although happily married, begins an affair with Other Woman (Glenn Close). Other Woman falls desperately in love with Man. Man is then turned off and tries to end affair. Other Woman says, “Oh hells no!” and turns into Psycho Chick. Psycho Chick ...

Throw An Anti-Valentine's Day Party!

2/13/2010 8:47am EST
Whether you're brokenhearted and bitter, single and spectacular, or just plain sick of the over-hyped Hallmark holiday that falls on February 14, don't let Valentine's Day get the best of you. Turn it into a cynical celebration!

If you're a singleton staying in to avoid all the schmoopy-schmoopy hand-holding, there's still no reason you should have to spend V-Day all alone. Ladies, invite your gal pals over and get loaded on champagne while playing silly games like "Truth or Dare" or "I Never." And guys, you can get all the dudes together to do all the things your girlfriends complain ab...

How Chelsea Cain is Eviscerating Serial Killer Fiction

9/22/2009 7:30am EDT
Chelsea Cain
Let's face it. Our culture has a disconcerting fascination with serial killers; the more perverted, maniacal, and heinous the better. Whether on or off the screen, real or fictional, we crave that which we are simultaneously terrified of, death. The more torturous and gore ridden methods ranking highest on the list. We make these figures into iconic cultural figures that blur the lines of reality. Many of the serial killer characters created by Hollywood are built around the personalities of real killers and manage to alter their crimes into entertainment. The name Hannibal Lecter is a...

Movie Remakes & Recastings We Hope To Never See

6/8/2009 9:40am EDT
Mary Poppins
In the wake of the current brain-draining drive to remake just about everything Hollywood has ever had to offer, there are some films that are so sacred they should never be touched. This is a blatant retort to the deluge of watered down franchises, remakes, medium changes, etc. It ranges in levels of snark from low to apocalyptic strength.

My frustration with this extremely long trend came to a fever pitch after watching the Obsessed trailer. Anyone even peripherally familiar with Fatal Attraction could easily catch the obvious, racially spurred recasting of a classic film.


Best & Worst Stalker Movies

4/23/2009 10:24am EDT
In 'Obsessed', Derek Charles (Idris Elba) sparks a relationship with his smoking hot new co-worker Lisa Sheridan (Ali Larter). One little problem… Derek already put a ring on Sharon Charles (Beyonce). Crazy Lisa doesn't want to hear that though and continues her pursuit anyways. The unrelenting stalker character is a Hollywood staple, so will 'Obsessed' result in some good scares or unintentional laughs? Here's a look back at some of the best and worst stalker movies ever.


'Play Misty for Me' (1971) - Long before Jessica Walter made a career of playing boozing, acid tongued gr...

Ten Underrated Thrillers

10/17/2008 10:12am EDT
The Descent
Horror movies are some of the most consistent pieces of the film industry. Sure there have been highs and lows in the genre, and resurgences have come and gone, but one thing remains true: people will always yearn for those cinematic chills.

The demand, however big it may be, is always constant. The golden age of cinema through the 60s brought on big studio monster movies, sly noir thrillers, and of course, Hitchcockian suspense (a subgenre, respectively). The 1970s, arguably the paramount epoch of cinema, period, saw the expansion of the genre and gave filmgoers some of the best nail...

Allison No Longer Has To Hide Her Psychic Abilities On 'Medium'

5/15/2008 2:04pm EDT
In the season three finale of "Medium," the future looked very bleak for the Dubois family. Allison and Joe were both out of a job, and Allison was publicly known as a psychic. Manuel Devalos lost the DA position to his once-friend, Tom Van Dyke.

This season continued the despairing trend by having Ariel be tormented at school for her mother's special powers and Allison being blacklisted in general by the police due to Van Dyke's dislike of her. Joe had very few options for a job, and none of them were interested in hiring him.

It is safe to say that the end of last season and a...

'Medium': Dubois Family Has Been Tested Enough For One Season

5/9/2008 2:48pm EDT
A drug dealer is shot three times in his home: once in each knee, and then in the head. His extremely advanced alarm system was cracked and not a single clue left behind for the police to track a suspect. Who are they going to call? Why, everyone's favorite TV psychic, that's who! Allison Dubois is on the job, and "Medium" might be a little more smug these days since it has been renewed by NBC for a fifth season!

"Being Joey Carmichael" is the title for the recent episode, and it is a play on the movie "Being John Malkovich," where an ordinary man finds a secret door into the life of ...

'Grey's Anatomy' Recap: Addison Returns, Tumor Guy Dies & More

5/2/2008 8:57am EDT
Addison is back on Grey's Anatomy! When your show goes on hiatus it is always good that you can return home. She shows up under the guise of needing to perform a surgery and everyone tells her that she's back, which she keeps denying. Hahn and Callie are hanging out big time with morning yoga, and Christina seems a bit more annoyed than usual. Meanwhile, Meredith has her first clinical trial going on so she doesn't care about anyone else, which is pretty much normal Meredith but with a direction in her life.

Addison has a slightly awkward reunion with the MerDer duo and refers to them...

History Channel Examines Hollywood's Wicked Villains

11/29/2005 10:25am EST
Silence of the Lambs
From sci-fi villains like Darth Vader, to super-villains like Goldfinger, to psycho-villains like Hannibal Lechter, viewers can explore the fascinating nexus between reality and fiction, revealing the historical personalities, politics and trends that inspired their wickedness on “Hollywood’s Greatest Villains,” airing Thursday, Dec. 1, on The History Channel.

The program is a fascinating, terrifying look at some of the most evil -- and best-loved -- characters ever created, and how and where they fit into history. See how the conservative backlash of the 1980's laid the groundwork fo...

Catherine Zeta-Jones' Mom: Michael Douglas Is Sexy

10/25/2005 2:50pm EDT
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Catherine Zeta-Jones has confessed her mother got excited when she watched Michael Douglas in a steamy sex scene. The raven-haired beauty says her mom "gave her a nudge" when they first watched Catherine's now-husband getting intimate with Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction. The Welsh actress told Life magazine: "Mum says now, 'Little did I know you would marry him!'"

Earlier this year the Welsh star admitted she wound-up her husband by revealing intimate details about her love scenes in Ocean's Twelve. The actress says she revelled in the fact that she spent much of the shoot locking lip...