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Samuel L. Jackson Flies The Not-So-Friendly Skies As Snakes On A Plane Slithers Onto DVD Jan. 2

December 24th, 2006 4:00pm EST
Sit back. Relax. Enjoy the fright. Fasten your seat belt for some pulse-pounding turbulence! There is no escaping the venomous bite of Snakes on a Plane as the year's pop culture phenomenon creeps onto DVD January 2, 2007, from New Line Home Entertainment. When deadly snakes are released onboard Pacific Air Flight 121, an FBI agent (Samuel L. Jackson The Man, Star Wars Trilogy) must protect the passengers before they become the creatures' prey. Directed by David R. Ellis (Final Destination 2, Cellular), this edge-of-your-seat action-thriller also stars Julianna Margulies (TV's ER, HBO's The...

And The Worst TV-to-Film Remake Is ...

June 14th, 2006 10:46am EDT
Jessica Simpson's Dukes Of Hazzard movie has topped a new list of Worst-TV-to-Film Adaptations. The critically mauled 2005 movie beat The Honeymooners and Wild Wild West on urban magazine King's new list of shame.

The full list is:

1. Dukes Of Hazzard

2. The Honeymooners

3. Wild Wild West

4. Josie & The Pussycats

5. The Adventures Of Rocky & Bullwinkle

6. Charlie's Angels

7. The Flintstones

8. Fat Albert

9. Mission: Impossible 2

10. I, Spy

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