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Fantastic Four: The Rise of the Silver Surfer Cast and Crew

Ioan Gruffudd - Reed Richards/Mr Fantastic
Jessica Alba - Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman
Chris Evans - Johnny Storm/The Human Torch
Michael Chiklis - Ben Grimm/The Thing
Julian McMahon - Victor Von Doom/Dr. Doom
Doug Jones - Silver Surfer/Norrin Radd
Kerry Washington - Alicia Masters
André Braugher - General Hager
Gonzalo Menendez - Lieutenant
Beau Garrett - Captain Raye
Vanessa Lachey - Johnny's Wedding Date
Moneca Delain - Hot Party Girl #2
Laurence Fishburne - Voice of the Silver Surfer
Brian Posehn - Wedding Minister
Zach Grenier - Mr. Sherman/Rafke
Kenneth Welsh - Dr. Jeff Wagner
Dawn Chubai - Anchorwoman
Kevin McNulty - Baxter Building Doorman
Chris Gailus - Anchorman
Andy Stahl - Tailor
Debbie Timuss - Hot Party Girl #1
Crystal Lowe - Hot Party Girl #3
Chris Calleri - Club DJ
Ben Ayers - Guard #1
Alicia Thorgrimsson - New York Pedestrian
Valerie Tian - New York Teen Girl #1
Jeanna Haddow - New York Teen Girl #2
Ali Costigan - New York Teen Girl #3
Patricia Harras - Fan Four Receptionist
Suzanne Ristic - Airline Woman
Giuliana Rancic - Entertainment Reporter
Malcolm Boddington - Pub Owner
Cole Landels - Gift Shop Kid
Cameron Cleary - Flower Girl
Stan Lee - Rejected Wedding Guest
Silver Butler - Wedding Planner
Michasha Armstrong - Wedding Security
Hitoshi Ikezaki - Japanese Fisherman
Peter Kawasaki - Japanese Fisherman
Fareed Abdelhak - Egyptian Tour Guide
Tim Story
Avi Arad
Bernd Eichinger
Ralph Winter
Michael Barnathan
Chris Columbus
Kevin Feige
Mark Radcliffe
Stan Lee
Lee Cleary
Ross Taylor Fanger
Stewart Bethune
Allison Calleri
Don Payne
Mark Frost
John Turman
Stan Lee
Jack Kirby