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Michael B. Jordan brushes off Fantastic Four casting criticism

March 4th, 2014 8:30pm EST
Fantastic Four
Former The Wire star Michael B. Jordan is refusing to pay attention to negative comments concerning his casting in the new Fantastic Four reboot, insisting critics will always have something bad to say.

The African American actor recently landed the role of Johnny Storm/The Human Torch in the forthcoming comic book movie, taking over from Chris Evans, who portrayed the superhero in the 2005 original.

Jordan's appointment as the classic character prompted some film fans to speak out against the casting decision as his on-screen sister, Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman, is set to be played by ...

Ioan Gruffudd gets ego boost with new TV job

February 25th, 2014 8:30pm EST
Ioan Gruffudd
Welsh actor Ioan Gruffudd's ego has been given a boost after landing a lead role in a new U.S. TV series, weeks after confessing he has been seeing a psychologist to help him deal with multiple job rejections.

The Fantastic Four star, 40, opened up about his audition struggles in a candid interview last month (Jan14), revealing his confidence has "really taken a knock" in recent years after the Hollywood offers started to dry up.

The father of two said, "I'm auditioning for dozens of parts at the moment, but I'm just not getting them. I can't play someone who's 30 anymore... maybe 35 at a...

Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara, Miles Teller And Jamie Bell Announced As Cast Of 'Fantastic Four' Reboot

February 20th, 2014 4:01pm EST
Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan, Miles Teller and Jamie Bell
Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan, Miles Teller and Jamie Bell have been announced as the cast of the 2015 reboot of Marvel's Fantastic Four.

Former "Parenthood" star Jordan had been attached to the project for some time now, and he'll play Johnny Storm, aka 'The Human Torch.'

"House of Cards" star Mara is officially signed on to play Sue Storm/The Invisible Girl in the series; while "That Awkward Moment" star Bell and "Nymphomaniac" star Teller are tapped to play Ben Grimm/The Thing and Reid Richards/Mr. Fantastic, respectively. Both are very near to closing their deals.

The reboot will be b...

Ioan Gruffudd and Alice Evans expecting second child

May 9th, 2013 4:01pm EDT
Ioan Gruffudd
Fantastic Four star Ioan Gruffudd and his actress wife Alice Evans are expecting a second child.

The Welsh actor and The Vampire Diaries beauty are "thrilled" to be adding a new addition to their family, a representative tells

The couple, who wed in 2007, is already parents to three year old Ella, who was born in 2009.

Stan Lee To Receive VES' Lifetime Achievement Award

October 19th, 2011 4:10pm EDT
Stan Lee
Comic book legend Stan Lee is to be honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Visual Effects Society (VES) next year.

The beloved co-creator of Spider-Man, Fantastic Four and X-Men will follow in the footsteps of George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and James Cameron, who have all previously been handed the trophy.

VES chairman Jeffrey Okun announced the honor on Tuesday, saying, "Stan Lee's imagination has created a completely original and profitable niche in the entertainment world and has allowed visual effects to flex its muscle in service to it."

Lee will pick up the prize at ...

Jessica Alba Landed 'Spy Kids' Role Because Of Her Daughter

August 2nd, 2011 12:41pm EDT
Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba has daughter Honor to thank for landing her latest role - Robert Rodriguez wrote a part for her in his family film after seeing the actress multi-task while changing a diaper.

Alba re-teamed with her Sin City director Rodriguez on action movie Machete and impressed him so much while tending to her daughter that he was inspired to create a character for her in Spy Kids: All the Time in the World.

She tells E! Online, "When I became a mother, I talked to him about getting back to work and how does he do it, how does he juggle spending time with his family (and his five childr...

Chris Evans Underwent Therapy Before Taking 'Captain America' Role

July 11th, 2011 3:25pm EDT
Chris Evans
Actor Chris Evans turned to a therapist to help him manage his anxiety levels before shooting big budget blockbuster Captain America: The First Avenger.

Evans, who leads the cast in the Marvel Comics superhero film, admits he sought professional help to cope with his fears of public scrutiny and rising fame, which came as a result of his involvement in a high-profile franchise.

He tells The New York Times, "I wouldn't have done it (therapy), had I not agreed to do Captain America and gone into panic mode. The second I agreed to do it (the movie), I was like, 'All right, I'll do this, bu...

Chris Evans Fearful Of 'Captain America's' Success

June 21st, 2011 12:41pm EDT
Chris Evans
Actor Chris Evans is terrified his commitment to the Captain America franchise will leave him trapped in the role for the next 10 years.

The Fantastic Four star almost turned down the lead part in Captain America: The First Avenger because he was concerned about taking on such a huge "life-changing" role.

He has since insisted he's pleased he changed his mind, saying, "For better or worse, no matter what happens with the film, whether it's a good film or not, it was the right thing to do and I'm glad I did it."

However, the actor still has some reservations because he hates the risk of...

Captain America Chris Evans: 'I'm Losing My Hair'

June 8th, 2011 10:00am EDT
Chris Evans
Even superheroes lose their hair - "Fantastic Four" and "Captain America" star Chris Evans has confessed he's going bald.

The movie hunk, 29, made the admission at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night and can only hope it doesn't effect "Captain America" sequels.

He tells E!, "I have no problem saying this, but I'm losing my hair. The fear is this (new role) can span 10 years, so I can be doing this character until I'm 40. I'm supposed to be, like, this superior human. He can't be balding. How horrible would it be if this superior man has male pattern baldness?"

Jessica Alba Planning For HypnoBirthing

May 20th, 2011 8:59am EDT
Jessica Alba
Pregnant actress Jessica Alba is planning a peaceful birth - she'll be using the HypnoBirthing method.

The Fantastic Four star had so much success with the meditative birthing message when her daughter Honor was born; she's planning for it again.

She tells talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, "It's basically my husband takes me through sort of a meditation. So he's, like, saying, 'You're relaxed and you're floating on clouds while you're going through labor and your contractions.' He just sort of does a guided mediation. I'm just concentrating on breathing and staying relaxed because it's wh...

Dianna Agron Dating Chris Evans?

February 28th, 2011 9:25am EST
Dianna Agron
Glee star Dianna Agron is already getting over her recent split from Alex Pettyfer - she's hooked up with actor Chris Evans, according to a report.

The actress and her I Am Number Four co-star ended their romance earlier this month after less than a year of dating.

However, Agron isn't pining over the hunky Brit - she was spotted flirting with Fantastic Four star Evans at a pre-Oscars party, where the pair spent all night chatting and eventually exchanged cell phone numbers.

A source tells New York Post gossip column Page Six, "They were flirting and deep in conversation for a while b...

Marvel's $1 Billion Lawsuit Dismissed Again

February 10th, 2011 11:57am EST
Stan Lee
A New York judge has thrown an ongoing $1 billion copyright lawsuit against comic book legend Stan Lee and Marvel Entertainment bosses out of court for a second time.

Lee was taken to court in 2009 by Jose Abadin and Christopher Belland, the shareholders of Stan Lee Media Inc. (SLMI), which was declared bankrupt in 2001. They claimed Lee had harmed their interests by signing away all his rights in the Marvel Entertainment brand and the copyright to characters including Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, the Fantastic Four and X-Men to the company in 1998 - a year before they became sharehol...

German Filmmaker Bernd Eichinger Dies At 61

January 25th, 2011 8:21pm EST
Oscar-nominated German movie producer Bernd Eichinger has died in Hollywood. He was 61.

The man behind acclaimed films like Downfall and The Baader Meinhof Complex passed away after suffering a heart attack on Monday.

His credits also include The Name of the Rose, the Resident Evil films and The Fantastic Four.

Many consider Eichinger to be Germany's most successful moviemaker.

Eichinger is survived by his wife Katja and daughter Nina, a well-known German TV personality.

Chaz Bono Wants To Look Like Michael Chiklis

January 24th, 2011 3:32pm EST
Chaz Bono
Cher's son Chaz Bono wants to achieve a physique like Fantastic Four star Michael Chiklis because he accepts he'll never be "a little guy."

Bono, who was born a girl named Chastity, began the process of gender reassignment surgery in 2008 and his transition was completed last year, when he legally changed his gender and name with U.S. authorities.

His sex change journey was captured on camera for new documentary Becoming Chaz, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah on Sunday, and he reveals in the film that he's aspiring to look like Chiklis, adding, "I'm never going to b...

Jessica Alba & Husband Run Over Paparazzo's Foot

October 12th, 2010 10:53pm EDT
Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba and her husband Cash Warren have become the latest couple charged with running over a paparazzo after clashing with photographers outside the Katsuya restaurant in Brentwood, California on Monday night.

The couple was driving away from the parking lot in their BMW when Warren accidentally drove over a photographer's foot.

The producer stopped the car, got out and gave the injured photographer his cell phone number, according to

Cash then drove away with his wife, while the paparazzo waited for the police and paramedics to arrive on the scene.

Click for more gre...

Jessica Alba Is 100% Natural

October 11th, 2010 10:52pm EDT
Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba was pushed into considering a nose job to compete with her Hollywood peers - despite hating the idea of having cosmetic surgery to enhance her looks.

The "Fantastic Four" beauty is prepared to turn her back on her acting career rather than go under the surgeon's knife to banish wrinkles, but confesses she has felt pressure to tweak her features to fit in with the industry's aesthetic ideal.

She tells Britain's GQ magazine, "I hate the idea of trying to freeze time. I believe in growing old as nature intended and, if the movie roles dry up as a result, then so be it.

"Though ...

Jessica Alba 'Overfed' Her Baby

September 1st, 2010 1:00pm EDT
Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba's young daughter was "chubby" as a baby after the actress unwittingly "overfed" her.

The Fantastic Four star welcomed her first child, daughter Honor, with her husband Cash Warren in 2008 but admits she was over-enthusiastic when it came to feeding the tot.

She tells David Letterman, "(Honor was) overfed (as a baby). She weighed just as much at six months as she does now. She was really chubby."

Alba recently revealed her daughter now enjoys a healthy diet after the actress cut out sugar from her food: "She doesn't have sugar at all; she doesn't even have fruit juice.'"


Todd Phillips To Produce John Belushi Biopic

August 13th, 2010 8:25am EDT
Todd Phillips
Comedian John Belushi is coming back from the dead - the late star's life will be documented in a new biopic by The Hangover director Todd Phillips.

Studio executives at Warner Bros. recently acquired the film rights from Belushi's estate and have hired Phillips to work on his life story with The Pursuit of Happyness screenwriter Steven Conrad. Phillips will produce the picture, while a director has yet to be appointed, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The actor's widow, Judith Belushi Pisano, will serve as executive producer.

Belushi died from a drug overdose in 1982, at the age o...

Marvel And DC Comics Will Be Slugging It Out On The Big Screen For Years To Come

May 5th, 2010 10:06am EDT
Marvel And DC Comics Movies
With Iron Man 2, Kick-Ass, The Losers and Jonah Hex all hitting the multiplex this summer, the onslaught of comic book movies shows no signs of slowing (for better or worse). Leaving the Green Hornet (who started as a radio show) and Scott Pilgrim (indie press slacker hero) for later debate, we’ll get you up to speed on the heavy hitters from comics’ Big Two, DC and Marvel that are heading to the big screen in the next few years, culminating (supposedly) in epic team-ups for both universes!


THOR (May 2011)

Kenneth Branagh is directing Chris Hemsworth (Captain Kirk’s father...

Chris Evans Almost Turned Down 'Captain America' Role

April 30th, 2010 2:00pm EDT
Chris Evans
Chris Evans considered turning down his role as Captain America - because he was reluctant to tackle a potentially "life-changing role."

The Fantastic Four star has landed the lead in upcoming comic book blockbuster The First Avenger: Captain America, opposite British newcomer Hayley Atwell.

However, the 28 year old admits he had reservations about signing up for such a high-profile part, as he feels more comfortable on the sidelines in a supporting role.

He tells Britain's Empire magazine, "It was a couple of weeks weighing all the options. There was certainly a period where I was shy...

Emily Blunt Explains 'Captain America' Snub

April 27th, 2010 11:00am EDT
Emily Blunt
Emily Blunt turned down a role in upcoming blockbuster The First Avenger: Captain America because she was reluctant to commit to a long-term franchise.

The actress was offered the chance to play Captain America's love interest Peggy Carter in the forthcoming comic book adaptation, but rejected the role because she wants to remain open to other projects.

She tells, "I'm a big supporter of (director) Joe Johnston and I think that Captain America is going to be really fun and I gather that the story is really interesting. It just wasn't what I wanted to do next, to be honest. There...

Chris Evans To Play Captain America

March 20th, 2010 8:53am EDT
Chris Evans
"Fantastic Four" star Chris Evans has won the race to become comic book superhero Captain America on the big screen, according to industry reports.

The actor was among the favourites to land the coveted role, and now The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Evans will be the colorful character.

The news is sure to upset comic book purists, who wanted a more mature actor to play the role.

Alex Ross, the artist who redesigned Captain America for Marvel Comics, recently went public with his thoughts on who should play the character.

He told Entertainment Weekly magazine, "We've been saying...

Jessica Alba: 'Making Lots Of Money Has Made Me Happy'

February 15th, 2010 8:21am EST
Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba is happy she's made "lots of money" in her Hollywood career because her bloated bank balance is proof of her success.

The 28 year old, who battled bullies in school, began acting as a teenager and has risen to fame in movies such as 2005's Sin City and Fantastic Four.

And Alba admits the best part of life as a film star is the financial independence which she has secured for herself.

She tells Britain's Scarlet magazine, "Making lots of money has made me happy. No one else helped me - I've done this all by myself, on my own terms. My dad's also turned his real-estate b...

Jessica Alba Discovers She's European

December 2nd, 2009 3:16pm EST
Jessica Alba Discovers She
Sexy Latina Jessica Alba was left shocked and stunned on TV on Tuesday night when she learned she's more European than Native American.

The Fantastic Four star agreed to take a DNA test prior to her appearance on comedian George Lopez's late-night show, and felt sure genealogy experts would discover her ancestors were more indigenous American than any other group.

Lopez sent his guest's saliva swab off to the DNA Diagnostics Center in Cincinnati, Ohio - and revealed the results during Alba's appearance.

He told the actress, "You are 13 per cent indigenous American and you are 87...

Chris Evans Is Sharon Stone's Gigolo

October 6th, 2009 9:24pm EDT
Chris Evans, Sharon Stone, Satisfaction
Fantastic Four actor Chris Evans is trading in his superhero status to become a gigolo in a new Sharon Stone movie. The pair is set to star in new drama "Satisfaction", about a male prostitute who develops a relationship with an older woman, played by Stone.

She tells Prestige magazine, "You think they have legitimately fallen in love, by his behavior and her behavior, until the call-out service starts sending him out again while he's with her. He starts trying to break her down. And it's incredible what they do together: a very, very fascinating journey."

"Satisfaction" will be direc...

Top 10 Films With Numbers In The Title

September 26th, 2009 1:52pm EDT
In honor of the recent Tim Burton film 9 we're spotlighting numerals and numbers in film. What they have contributed to movies over the years goes beyond simply differentiating an original from a sequel.

For the most part this list excludes sequels. Sorry. It's just too easy. Also, much too simple are the straight up number films. But the English language loopholes are definitely abused throughout this top ten to reflect the best and, well, most viewed options. Check them out!

1. The First Wives Club.

This is the smartass chick's chick flick with a message. Bette Midler. Goldie ...

Ioan Gruffudd Welcomes First Daughter

September 10th, 2009 8:33am EDT
Ioan Gruffudd Welcomes Daughter
Fantastic Four star Ioan Gruffudd is a father of a baby girl - his wife Alice Evans has given birth to the couple's first child.

The Welsh actor welcomed little Ella Betsi Evans Gruffudd into the world on September 6th. She weighed six pounds, three ounces.

However, the baby's sex didn't come as a shock for the couple - the pair knew they were expecting a little girl, but kept the news secret.

Gruffudd recently revealed how he is planning on having three kids - but his dream of his daughter being born in August like Evans came short by just a month.

He said, "I have my eyes ...

Everything Geeky: The Pros And Cons Of The Marvel-Disney Deal

September 2nd, 2009 11:59am EDT
X-Men Origins: Wolverine
It was only a few weeks ago that we celebrated Marvel's birthday, and just the other day a huge news story caused whiplashes for comic book fans everywhere. Disney bought Marvel Entertainment Inc for around $4 billion dollars. It has caused uproars and a whole bunch of hilarious photographs showing famous Marvel comic characters dressed up like Mickey Mouse or as a Disney Princess. Technically this means Disney will have control over the company, but people are focusing more intensely on what this means for the Marvel movies and animation.

"Logald Duckerine" © =saiyagina

There are p...

Everything Geeky - Happy 70th Birthday Marvel Comics!

August 11th, 2009 12:17pm EDT
Today is the 70th anniversary of Marvel comics, and I thought as a geek it would only be fair to dedicate this week's column to them. All over the country there are going to be parties for Marvel so if you'd like to find one in your area, check their website for a list of participating locations. There will be special Barnes & Noble meetings too in specific cities where famous Marvel writers, editors, and artists will appear for Q&A sessions and sign autographs.

Marvel Comics was founded by Martin Goodman, and it was originally called Timely Publications in 1939. He was already publishi...

Ioan Gruffudd To Be A Dad

April 21st, 2009 8:41am EDT,_Ioan/
Fantastic Four star Ioan Gruffudd's wishes have come true - he is set to become a first time father.

The Welsh actor admitted last year he was desperate to start his own brood with wife, actress Alice Evans, and had even started renovating his Los Angeles home in preparation for a new arrival. And the remodeling wasn't in vain; his representative has confirmed the pair is set to become proud parents. But if Gruffudd has his way, he won't stop at one.

He recently told Britain's Telegraph newspaper, "I have my eyes on a brood of three. Ideally I would love a little daughter born ...

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