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'Glee' To Get 3D Movie Treatment

5/5/2011 8:39am EDT
The producers of TV musical "Glee" are set to cash in on the show's success by turning the cast's summer tour into a 3D movie event.

Twentieth Century Fox bosses will release a 3D version of "Glee Live! In Concert!" for a limited two-week engagement in August.

The project will feature the 14 cast members who will tour the show in North America for a month from May 21.

The show will feature songs the cast have performed on the show in recent weeks.

Kevin Tancharoen, the man behind 2009's "Fame" remake, will direct the concert movie.

NBC's Playboy Pilot Casts Two Bunnies

2/6/2011 9:21am EST
Amber Heard, Naturi Naughton  | Photo Credits: Jean Baptiste Lac
Amber Heard and Naturi Naughton have been cast as leads in NBC's drama pilot Playboy, Deadline reports.

NBC developing drama set in Playboy clubs

The series takes place at the Playboy Club in Chicago in 1963. Heard will play ...

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Nicole Scherzinger Gets New Crew Of Pussycat Dolls

5/24/2010 9:00am EDT
Nicole Scherziner
The Pussycat Dolls creator Robin Antin has introduced four new members to the girl group to back singer Nicole Scherzinger.

The famed choreographer, who created the Pussycat Dolls in 1995 as a burlesque dance troupe, has recruited "Fame" star Kherington Payne, Gwen Stefani's former dancer Rino Nakasone-Razalan, Vanessa Curry and Jamie Lee Ruiz.

The new line-up was debuted at a private party in Los Angeles on Friday, and Antin tells fans the group's first performance together was a success.

In a post on her page, she writes, "Last Night was perfection! NicoleScherzy (Scherzing...

What We Were All Thinking - The Full Starpulse Oscars Recap

3/8/2010 1:50am EST
Oscar Feature
Tonight's Oscar ceremony is probably the most re-designed ceremony in Academy history.

Just look at all the changes. 10 Best Picture nominees, two hosts, no Best Song performances, more dance, a supposed streamlined show, and, weirdest of all, a request for no "thank yous" during the acceptance speeches.

Plus, a few of last year's tweaks will remain. They're sticking with the abhorrent practice of having five actors come out and sing the praises of the year's present crop of nominees (at least only in the Leading categories this year), and the producers are insistent on further expandin...

Cameron Diaz Is The 'Worst Latino Actress'

3/3/2010 6:01pm EST
Cameron Diaz in The Box
Cameron Diaz has been named the Worst Latino Actress of the past year for her role in film flop "The Box".

Diaz has topped the third annual Lazzies Awards list, handed out by Latina magazine for poor performances and bad films and TV shows.

She has been dishonored with the 'There's Always Waitressing Award' for Worst Actress for "The Box", with Latina bosses poking fun at her "bad southern accent" and her "deer-caught-in-headlights facial expression she wore throughout the entire film".

"Fame's" Walter Perez landed the 'The John T. Leguizamo Award' for Worst Actor and "Fast & Furious" wa...

Are Film Remakes Worth The Risk?

10/8/2009 10:37am EDT
In these tough economic times, film studios are producing more and more remakes. Though some cite the financial insecurity of the viewing public, many simply argue that there is just no originality anymore, and why take a risk on a "new" idea when you can simply bring back what has since become a cult classic?

All films can be considered risks, however, especially when "date night" at the movies takes a middle class couple's expendable income. Not one of the top 10 films at the box office this summer was a remake. Perhaps that is because these new-old movies have versions sitting on Blo...

Q&A: Kelsey Grammer Talks ABC's New Series 'Hank,' His Health And More

9/28/2009 10:00am EDT
Kelsey Grammer
Kelsey Grammer should mean gold for any TV series. His long run on Cheers and Frasier is legendary, and he keeps popping up as Sideshow Bob on The Simpsons. It didn't quite work out for Back to You, but that certainly wasn't his fault. His new show, Hank, could be the next winner in his stable.

Hank is a disgraced Fortune 500 honcho who has to adjust to small town sitcom life. Moving back home with his family provides a culture clash with Grammer clinging to the sort of highbrow luxuries familiar to Frasier Crane. Reality provides the humor.

Over the summer, Grammer presented the new...

'Saw' Blood Drive, 'Fame', Madonna Celebrates, 'Cosmic Egg' From Wolfmother & More (Videos)

9/23/2009 5:04pm EDT
Saw VI, Madonna, Wolfmother, Three Days Grace, Mew
Watch some videos and clips of the latest funny, informative, viral, WTF, FAIL, and other time-wasting stuff that we gathered from around the web today. Three Days Grace's new one, Wolfmother's latest "Cosmic Egg" transmission, Mew's "Repeaterbeater", and a ridiculous fight scene from a Japanese film. Check 'em all out!

Check out this fantastic behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Saw Nurses. Every year, "Saw" partners with the Red Cross to hold a blood drive that has saved over 358,000 lives...

"Saw" Nurses:

Fame comes out in theaters next week, but the soundtrac...

Can The Remake Of 'Fame' Reinvent Itself Or Surpasses Its Predecessor?

9/23/2009 10:15am EDT
There are a lot of movies about the angst and the hope of high school, and even a few musicals set in that time period, but none of them were quite as devastating or as memorable as "Fame." The film came out in 1980 and is about the life of an ensemble cast of talented teenagers as they enroll in an extremely competitive performing arts high school. Only the best of the best get into the New York High School of Performing Arts, and those that do get in must prepare for four years of grueling practice and soul crushing criticism. The students learn that they must lean on one another and on a...

Q&A: Paul Iacono Explains Why The World Needs Another 'Fame'

9/22/2009 11:31am EDT
Paul Iacono - Fame
Paul Iacono stars as wannabe future star Neil Baczynsky -- playing a character that attends the exact performing arts high school he actually attended -- in the new remake of "Fame." Paul joins us and explains, basically, why the world needs a new "Fame" film in the first place.

Mike Ryan: Explain why the world needs a new "Fame."

Paul Iacono: Why does the world need a new "Fame"? Well, in 1980, Alan Parker's film was really groundbreaking in the sense it gave a gritty, realistic, sort of dirty portrayal of kids aspiring to be in the preforming arts field. It was very innovative for i...

Trailer Talk: This Week In Movies - 'Surrogates,' 'Pandorum' & More

9/22/2009 10:27am EDT
I'm curious to see the reception of "Surrogates," at the box office this week. People I have spoken with seem to have mixed opinions about whether they think the movie will be enjoyable or not.

Their interest level in the movie seems to be linked to which trailer they have seen. Trailer 1 appears to be rather bland and doesn't do much to entice the viewer. Folks who have seen Trailer 2 however, agree that it does a better job of selling the concepts present in the film, as well as emphasizing Bruce Willis' struggle without his surrogate.

In addition to the sci-fi thriller "Surr...

Opening September 25: 'Fame'

9/22/2009 7:44am EDT
This remake of the '80s classic focuses on a group of young students attending a high school for the performing arts. Classmates study various aspects of performance... Continue summary

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Previewing The Movies: Fall 2009

9/4/2009 11:03am EDT
2009 Fall Movie Previews
With summer coming to an end, there's one major thing to consider: what's going to be entertaining for the next three months? We assume you're thinking the same thing (great minds being alike and all), so here's the rundown of what Hollywood has coming:

Gamer (09/04/09)

Director: Mark Neveldine, Brian Taylor

Starring: Gerard Butler, Michael C. Hall

Gamer will be one of the coolest movies of the season because it actually manages to bring a fairly new concept to the action genre. In the near future, with mind control technology pretty much commonplace, billionaire Ken Castle (Michael...

'Dance Flick' Spoofs Old School Classics And New Hits

5/21/2009 11:46am EDT
Dance Flick
The Wayans Brothers have spoofed genre movies from blaxploitation to hood dramas to horror films. Now they're attacking the recent spate of dance movies. Dance Flick pokes fun at the Step Up movies, You Got Served, Save the Last Dance and more.

"Whenever you start seeing repetition in the same type of movie over and over again, it's time to get Wayansed," said director Damien Wayans.

Co-writer Marlon Wayans said that one film was the template for the spoof. "I think Save the Last Dance lent itself," Marlon said. "It was actually a good movie for the time. I'm not just saying this...

V Factory Cracks The Top 40 With 'Love Struck'

5/18/2009 1:59pm EDT
V Factory
Check out "Love Struck" - the debut single from red-hot up-and-coming pop vocal group V Factory! The group recently cracked the Top 40 at Pop radio, coming in at No. 38, and the song was recently featured on FOX's All Access radio program in a segment called "You Gotta Hear This."

The lead single from V Factory's upcoming self-titled debut album, "Love Struck" has been climbing the radio charts, airing for the first time on Radio Disney and cruising straight to Top 40 radio stations nationwide.

After impacting more than 45 pop radio stations in a month, "Love Struck" has already ...

Megan Mullaly is 'Fame's' New Singing Teacher

2/23/2009 1:21pm EST
Megan Mullally
Before High School Musical, there was a real musical high school. 1980's Fame showed the struggles of a class at the New York Academy of Performing Arts. This year, a remake will launch a whole new class and Megan Mullally will teach them how to sing.

"I play the singing teacher," Mullally said. "We sing at a karaoke bar so I have to get up and sing a song, 'You Took Advantage of Me' by Rodgers and Hart."

That scene in the movie will be a rare look at the TV and Broadway star performing for a bar full of drunk crooners. In real life, she can't rock the karaoke mic.

"You're no...

Collins Pennie Talks About 'Prom Night,' Upcoming 'Fame' Remake

2/4/2009 1:42pm EST
Collins Pennie
Growing up in numerous foster homes and moving out on your own at the age of 15 can be difficult to say the least. Ending up in Hollywood on the big screen shows determination and that anything is possible.

Fresh off the remake of the 80's slasher film "Prom Night", Collins Pennie took a few moments with Starpulse to chat about himself and his upcoming project, the remake of "Fame."

Starpulse: Coming from Brooklyn, what has surprised you most about the Hollywood scene?

Collins Pennie: Palm trees and mountains. Didn't have much of that in Brooklyn.

SP: Whose career do yo...

Our Favorite High School Movies

9/18/2008 10:00am EDT
The Breakfast Club
Perhaps you've heard about "Assassination of a High School President," the Bruce Willis/Mischa Barton movie that darkly satirizes high school politics. While much of the high school set is eagerly anticipating the film's theatrical release in early 2009, early reviews from its January screening at Sundance have been mixed. MTV has praised it as a cross between "Rushmore" and "The Usual Suspects," while Variety labeled it an "uninventive," "muddled parody." Only time will tell if the movie becomes an instant classic or ends up in the bargain DVD bin next to "Encino Man."

There has been...

The Cineplexes Are Alive With The Sound Of Music: The Return Of The Movie Musical

5/6/2008 8:30am EDT
On April 22's episode of American Idol, renowned composer and lyricist Andrew Lloyd Weber stood patiently trying to teach a blank-eyed Jason Castro the song, "Memory" from one of history's most popular musicals, "Cats." Smiled the clueless Castro, "I didn't even know a cat was singing it."

Quell'horror! Is this the extent of musical theater knowledge possessed by today's generation? In fairness, Castro is from Texas, not exactly around the corner from Broadway. Perhaps had there been a big-screen version of "Cats," more people under the age of 30 would be hip to the magic and majesty...