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2013-10-31 Top 5 Halloween Movies
2013-10-27 Hellbenders (Red Band Trailer) [FULL HD]
2013-10-23 Terrifying True-Life Facts About Horror Movies
2013-10-13 Blue Exorcist The Movie (Trailer No. 2) [FULL HD]
2013-08-19 Blue Exorcist the Movie (Trailer No. 1) [FULL HD]
2013-07-15 Neighbors Compare Amanda Bynes to Exorcist
2013-06-01 Spielberg Almost Directed What?
2013-05-02 Was "Exorcist" The Only Hollywood Film To Shoot In Iraq?
2013-05-02 'Exorcist' Director: The Horror Of Watching An Execution
2013-05-02 'French Connection' Director: I Never Wanted Hackman
2013-05-02 Demonolgist from Andrew Pyper
2013-01-31 The Selling (Trailer) [FULL HD]
2012-08-29 McConaughey goes from RomCom to graphic warning
2012-07-30 Killer Joe
2012-06-23 IGN - Favourite Scary Movie
2010-11-01 IGN's Top 5 Horror Movies
2010-10-26 How scary is The Last Exorcism?
2010-09-06 'Torture porn' director hits back
2010-09-04 Twisted Exorcism star generates Oscar buzz
2010-09-02 The scariest film of all time?
2010-08-27 Top 5 Scariest Horror stars
2010-04-28 Dimiter by William Peter Blatty Book Trailer
2010-03-17 Talking to the Dead Bonnie Grove Book Trailer
2009-05-05 The Catholic Church's Lead Exorcist
2008-10-01 Exorcist: The Beginning - Clip - Do you know why?
2008-09-16 Exorcist: The Beginning - Clip - What happened here?
2008-09-16 Exorcist: The Beginning - Clip - Who buried them?
2008-09-16 Exorcist: The Beginning - Clip - You must leave now
2008-09-16 Exorcist: The Beginning - Interview with Stellan Skarsgard&James DArcy
2008-09-16 Exorcist: The Beginning - Interview with Renny Harlin

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