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Everything's Jake

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Running Time: 90 mins.
Genre: Comedy, Drama


Ernie Hudson

Debbie Allen

Robin Givens

Lou Rawls

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Jake is a homeless man living in New York City who's pretty content with his lot in life. He considers all of New York his home, a feeling shared by longtime street buddy Abe. His infectious enthusiasm and street-savvy attitude makes Jake a natural survivor, and his optimism affects even the most straightlaced people he meets, such as the librarian he's enamored with, and Cameron Dunn, a homeless man new to the streets. Sensing Cameron's basic goodness, Jake befriends him and teachers him basic survival tactics. Before long, the two buddies are inseparable. But people aren't always what they seem, and Jake finds out that even an optimistic attitude won't always protect him from life's little... Full Summary >>