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Ever After Cast and Crew

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Drew Barrymore - Danielle
Anjelica Huston - Rodmilla
Dougray Scott - Prince Henry
Patrick Godfrey - Leonardo
Megan Dodds - Marguerite
Melanie Lynskey - Jacqueline
Timothy West - King Francis
Judy Parfitt - Queen Marie
Jeroen Krabbe - Auguste
Lee Ingleby - Gustave
Kate Lansbury - Paulette
Matyelok Gibbs - Louise
Walter Sparrow - Maurice
Jeanne Moreau - Grande Dame
Anna Maguire - Young Danielle
Richard O'Brien - Pierre Le Pieu
Peter Gunn - Captain Laurent
Joerg Stadler - Wilhelm Grimm
Andrew Henderson - Jacob Grimm
Toby Jones - Royal Page
Virginia Garcia - Princess Gertrude
Al Hunter Ashton - Cargomaster
Mark Lewis - Gypsy Leader
Howard Attfield - Jeweller
Ricki Cuttell - Young Gustave
Ricardo Cruz - Cracked Skull
John Walters - Butler
Elizabeth Earl - Young Marguerite
Alex Pooley - Young Jacqueline
Janet Henfrey - Celeste
Ursula Jones - Isabella
Amanda Walker - Old Noblewoman
Rupam Maxwell - Marquis de Limoges
Tony Doyle - Driver Royal Carriage
Christian Marc - King of Spain
Elvira Stevenson - Queen of Spain
Erick Awanzino - Short Bald Man
Susan Field - Laundry Supervisor
Francois Velter - Choirman No 1
Dominic Rols - Choirman No 2
Jean-Pierre Mazieres - Cardinal
Andrew Tennant
Andy Tennant
David Tomblin
Mireille Soria
Tracey Trench
Kevin Reidy
Timothy M Bourne
Melissa Cobb
Dana Stevens
Steven Rogers
Andrew Tennant
Andy Tennant
Susannah Grant
Rick Parks
Charles Perrault