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The Escapist Cast and Crew

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Brian Cox - Frank Perry
Joseph Fiennes - Lenny Drake
Dominic Cooper - James Lacey
Liam Cunningham - Brodie
Seu Jorge - Viv Batista
Damian Lewis - Rizza
Steven MacKintosh - Tony
Vincent McCabe - Sam
Ned Dennehy - Jumpy Con
Jack Walsh - Sikes
Frank O'Sullivan - Hedges
Sheamus O'Shaunessy - Two Ton
Domhnall O'Donoghue - Mary
George Seremba - Stan
Eleanor McLynn - Frank's Daughter
Phelim Drew - Doctor
Bernadette McKenna - Frank's Wife
Pat Ainscough - Prison Guard
John Crean - Prison Guard
Alan Curren - Cockney Con
Tony Senior - Boxing Con
John Campion - Screw
Robert Prior - Screw
Marcel Vidal - Rizza's Lackey
Paul Vaughan - Prison Tannoy Voice
Rupert Wyatt
Alan Moloney
Adrian Sturges
Brian Cox
Tristan Whalley
Susan Mullen
Rupert Wyatt
Daniel Hardy