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5/8/2010 7:04am EDT
Edge of Darkness
"Edge Of Darkness" is a mystery starring Mel Gibson as a detective looking into his political-activist daughter's death and uncovering layers of governmental conspiracies in the process.

The bullet that killed his daughter was meant for Boston cop Thomas Craven. That's what police brass and Craven himself think, but that's not what the investigation finds. Clue after clue and witness after witness, the search leads him into a shadowy realm where money and political intrigue intersect. If Craven wasn't a target before, he - and anyone linked to his inquiry - now is.

Mel Gibson stars in hi...

Trailer Talk: This Week In Movies - 'Dear John,' 'From Paris With Love,' 'Frozen'

2/1/2010 12:00pm EST
From Paris With Love
I returned to the movies last week to see Mel Gibson's thriller "Edge of Darkness." A large part of me was anxious to see it since I knew Gibson plays a Boston cop whose daughter is murdered in front of him. As Gibson's character, Detective Thomas Craven, launches his own investigation into his daughter's untimely demise, he starts unraveling threads to a conspiracy involving big business and government in Massachusetts.

While this sounds like a promising plot that could be quite engrossing, in execution the film falls flat in creating the necessary tension. The pacing for most of the...

This Week In Photos: Taylor Swift Steps Out For Cancer, Ozzy Signs Book & More

1/28/2010 9:16am EST
Christina Applegate & Taylor Swift & Faith Hill
Christina Applegate, Taylor Swift and Faith Hill made an attractive trio when they attended a women's cancer research event in Beverly Hills, Calif., yesterday. See what other celebrities did this week!

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz launched new additions to Pieces Candies and the Pieces Wrapper Reward Program at Hershey's Store in New York City yesterday.

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FOX's hit TV show Bones celebrated its 100th episode at the 20th Century Fox Lot, stage 6, in Century City, Calif.

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'Edge Of Darkness' Preview

1/27/2010 5:30pm EST
Edge of Darkness
Warner Brother's newest suspense action thriller, Edge of Darkness hits theaters on Friday, January 29th and we think it's a must see for all those who have been craving a long overdue Mel Gibson flick.

Mel plays Thomas Craven, a veteran homicide detective for the Boston Police Department whose daughter is murdered on the threshold of his house, compelling him to believe that he was supposed to be the target. He soon suspects otherwise and heads up an investigation into his only daughter's secret life which leads him into the world of government conspiracy, corporate schemes and murder...

Joe Jonas In A Plaid Suit & Other Fashion Offenders

1/27/2010 10:04am EST
Joe Jonas plaid suit
Joe Jonas posed on the red carpet at the premiere of "Edge of Darkness" in Los Angeles yesterday. What do you think of the Jonas Brothers star's plaid suit? Is he channeling Pee Wee Herman or being fashionable? See more photos after the jump.

Joe is single and loving it. He recently told People Magazine, "This is the longest I've ever been single actually…I love it. I still date and things like that but just not committed, which is nice." So maybe a nice girl can come along and help him with his fashion sense!

The singer has pledged to visit earthquake-ravaged Haiti in a bid to help ...

Trailer Talk: This Week In Movies -'When in Rome,' 'Edge of Darkness' & More

1/25/2010 10:59am EST
Edge of Darkness
I took a break from the movies last week, since nothing in theaters was particularly calling out to me as worthwhile. Instead I saw a release on video I wanted to catch: the new "Family Guy" "Star Wars" parody "Something Something Something Dark Side." I found "Dark Side" to be pretty hilarious, although perhaps not quite as novel as "Blue Harvest." As a lifelong "Star Wars" fan, I've always had an appreciation for shows and movies that deftly lampoon the series.

This last week in January Kristen Bell portrays a workaholic skeptical about love in the romantic comedy "When in Rome," Me...

January: The Worst Month For Cinema

1/8/2010 10:35am EST
The Worst Month for Cinema
January truly is the worst month for film. In fact, January is the equivalent of the second string JV team in high school. Its sole purpose is to warm the benches for the upcoming seasons.

The month sometimes holds a few kernels of popcorn goodness. The two genres that perform well, or at least have been granted a few sleeper hits in the past decade, are thrillers and sci-fi/horror. Last year 'Taken' and 'My Bloody Valentine 3D' were stars among flops in January. Typically, as rabid consumers of cinema, we forget about January. Honestly, do any of you fondly remember titles like, '...

Mel Gibson Obsessed Over His Return To Acting

12/7/2009 12:30pm EST
Mel Gibson Edge of Darkness
Mel Gibson has been out of the spotlight for a while. Some of his personal controversies may have caused him to shy away from cameras, but even before his arrest and divorce, he'd been paving quite a successful career as a director. Next year's Edge of Darkness marks his return to acting, and his producer said it was an easy well.

"Mel and I did a read through for three days," said Graham King. "He kept wanting to read through, read through. Then we would discuss whether this is the right movie he should come back into."

Lucky for King. He had a high priced thriller about a detective ...