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Now Playing: Tyra Banks Heads To Bali on"Spiritual Trip"After Split Two Jews On EAT PRAY LOVE
2011-12-06 First Take on Eat, Pray Love The Movie
2014-04-14 Katy Perry Begins 'Eat, Pray, Love' Adventure By Climbing Volcano
2012-09-20 Tyra Banks Heads To Bali on"Spiritual Trip"After Split
2011-12-13 Eat Pray Love Trailer
2011-09-14 Tom Hanks goes solo at London premiere
2011-06-06 The Help (Trailer) [FULL HD]
2011-04-24 Julia Roberts Diwali
2011-01-11 More famous faces on Glee?
2010-09-26 Julia Roberts on James Fanco making her kiss him!
2010-09-25 Ryan Murphy on Eat Pray Love
2010-09-25 Eat Pray Love - Clip - I'm Having A Relationship With My Pizza
2010-09-24 Eat Pray Love - Exclusive Interview With Richard Jenkins And Ryan Murphy
2010-09-24 Eat Pray Love - Clip - The Best Restaurant In Town
2010-09-23 Roberts brings Eat Pray Love to UK
2010-09-23 Eat Pray Love - Exclusive Gala Premiere
2010-09-22 Julia Roberts unveils Eat Pray Love in London
2010-09-22 Julia Roberts debuts"Eat Pray Love"in Paris
2010-09-20 A Look at the Career of Actress Julia Roberts
2010-09-20 Top 10 Julia Roberts Movies
2010-09-20 Julia Roberts dazzles Japanese fans
2010-08-19 Julia Roberts doesn't talk religion, politics
2010-08-18 Julia Roberts practices Hinduism
2010-08-18 Julia Roberts takes on Japan.
2010-08-17 Eat Pray Love (Thinking Out Loud) [FULL HD]
2010-08-15 Sly knocks out Julia at the box office.
2010-08-15 Britney Spears to appear on Glee
2010-08-12 Javier Bardem back to work after wedding
2010-08-11 Julia Roberts - 'Eat Prays Love' - NY Premiere
2010-08-11 Julia Roberts promotes Eat Pray Love
2010-08-11 Roberts on the red carpet; Paris dresses as Marilyn
2010-08-11 PCN TV - Paris Hilton dresses up as Marilyn Monroe to promote her latest fragrance Tease
2010-08-10 Julia Roberts Eats, Prays&Loves

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