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In the late 1960s, "The Dukes," Danny and George were on top of the world--a couple of hit records, and all the champagne they could drink. Life was a dream. Now, in 2007, when no one knows their name, they are estranged from the other group members and can barely pay the bills. Their loyal manager, Lou, repeatedly struggles to find them gigs, but "The Dukes" never seem to catch a break. To make end's meet, Danny and George take jobs in a restaurant owned by their Aunt Vee and begin to entertain any money making ideas they can get their hands on. Armond was a stand-up comedian who used to open for "The Dukes." Now, he's in a wheelchair from diabetes and faces amputation of his foot. Murph was a top airline mechanic who smoked a little too much dope. He now sells magazines at a newsstand. Katherine is a waitress at Aunt Vee's restaurant. We later learn she has other talents beside just her beauty. Danny, desperately trying to resurrect his glory days, feels the respect of his son slipping away. His ex-wife, impatient for her husband to grow up, moves onto a rich boyfriend, further damaging Danny's ego. George, a ladies man who has a penchant for plus-sized women, gets by on a smile and his charm. When he unexpectedly loses his front tooth, they rush to the dentist's office, where they learn about a dental lab with a safe brimming with gold. Inspired by a glorified thief wreaking havoc on local restaurants, the gang decides the only way to fulfill their dreams is to steal the gold. They are introduced to a master thief and the heist is on! A string of unexpected events show The Dukes that you can't always get what you want, but you can sometimes get what you need. When all seems lost, they pull together and find themselves.