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Running Time: 136 mins.
Genre: Action, Drama, Foreign

Saeed Rad
Pezhman Bazeghi
Parivash Nazariye
Anushirvan Arjmand

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Opening as Zeynal Hamidavi is released after 20 years in prison for treason, then the story immediately flashes back to a frontline in the '80s Iran-Iraq war. Zeynal is ordered by shifty government goons to lead a small group to recover a safe with valuable national documents. Zeynal, however, soon suspects there's more to the safe than what he's been told, and he and his friend, Yahya, make off with it. Back in the present, Zeynal, now an older man, returns to his village only to discover how loyalties shift over the years and how misunderstandings are forged by circumstances, all leading back to the question of what was actually in the safe.