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Drive Angry 3D Cast and Crew

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Nicolas Cage - Milton
Amber Heard - Piper
Bruce Robinson - Piper
William Fichtner - The Accountant
Billy Burke - Jonah King
David Morse - Webster
Todd Farmer - Frank
Christa Campbell - Mona
Charlotte Ross - Candy
Tom Atkins - Cap
Jack McGee - Fat Lou
Katy Mixon - Norma Jean
Wanetah Walmsley - American Indian Mother
Robin McGee - Guy with Camera Phone
Fabian Moreno - Latino Busboy
Edrick Brown - Rookie
Marc Macaulay - Sarge
Pruitt Taylor-Vince - Roy
Julius Washington - Uniformed Officer
Jamie Teer - Babysitter
Bryan Massey - Trooper #1
Timothy Walter - Trooper #2
Kent Jude Bernard - Teen #1
Brent Henry - Teen #2
Gerry May - TV Male News Reporter #1
Sherri Talley - TV Female News Reporter #2
Arianne Martin - Milton's Daughter (Older)
Con Schell - Fucking Driver
Nick Gomez - Fucking Middle
Joe Chrest - Fucking Passenger
Oakley Lehman - Cultist with Iron Pipe
Thirl Haston - Cultist with Sickle
Jake Brake - Cultist with Machete
Tim J. Smith - Cultist with Hatchet
Jeff Dashnaw - Cowboy with Cattle Prod
Tim Trella - Cultist with Sledge
James Hebert - Man in Leather Jacket
Ken Bradley - Man in Wig
Kendrick Hudson - Burly Dude
Michael Papajohn - Tattooed Guy
April Littlejohn - Business Woman
Henry Kingi - Thin Old Man
Simona Williams - Lady in Leopard Skin
Shelby Swatek - Truck Driving Woman
Kimberly Shannon Murphy - Girl in Morgan
Patrick Lussier
Michael De Luca
Adam Fields
Rene Besson
Danny Dimbort
Joe Gatta
Trevor Short
Avi Lerner
Boaz Davidson
Ed Cathell
Zach Schiff-Abrams
Josh Bratman
Patrick Lussier
Todd Farmer