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The Door in the Floor Cast and Crew

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Jeff Bridges - Ted Cole
Susan Bridges - Ted Cole
Kim Basinger - Marion Cole
Bijou Phillips - Alice
Mimi Rogers - Evelyn Vaughn
Jon Foster - Eddie O'Hare
Elle Fanning - Ruth Cole
Louis Arcella - Eduardo Gomez
Larry Pine - Interviewer
John Rothman - Minty O'Hare
Harvey Loomis - Dr Loomis
Mike S Ryan - Reception Fan
Libby Langdon - Woman at Reception
Robert LuPone - Mendelssohn
Rachel Style - Bookstore Assistant
Amanda Posner - Frame Shop Clerk
Donna Murphy - Frame Shop Owner
Marion McCorry - Bookstore Customer
Kristina Valada-Viars - Effie
Leanna Croom - Glorie Mountsier
Claire Beckman - Mrs Mountsier
Kip Williams - Thomas Cole
Tod Williams - Thomas Cole
Carter Williams - Timothy Cole
Kip Williams
Tod Williams
Ted Hope
Anne Carey
Michael Corrente
Roger Marino
Amy Kaufman
Marisa Polvino
Kip Williams
Tod Williams
John Irving