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Video Game Films: Not Just Popcorn Fluff

9/9/2009 4:12pm EDT
Sure, many movies based on video games are just that- game play on screen without a controller. We could spend all day listing more than twenty years' worth of these films including 'Super Mario Brothers', 'Mortal Kombat' films, a slew of 'Pokemon' releases, the 'Tomb Raider' films, 'Final Fantasy', 'Resident Evil' films, 'Silent Hill', 'Doom', 'Bloodrayne', 'Hitman', 'Max Payne', and 'Street Fighter' films. The larger question asks, do they have the potential to be more than just idle game play on screen? The answer is sometimes.

The release of 'Gamer', the next in line for the gen...

Dwayne Johnson On Kids And Aliens In 'Race To Witch Mountain'

3/9/2009 10:14am EDT
Race to Witch Mountain
During his WWE days as The Rock, Dwayne Johnson fought the biggest beefcakes Vince McMahon threw at him. Everybody smelled what The Rock was cooking. As a movie actor, it only takes a few little kids to take him down. From the same director as The Game Plan comes Johnson's newest film, Race to Witch Mountain.

In the remake/update of Escape to Witch Mountain, Johnson plays a Las Vegas cabbie protecting two alien children. "I was a big fan of the original," Johnson told the sci-fi press at last summer's San Diego Comic Con. "My little girl, who's six loves the original, and that was eve...

Video Games Do Not Make Good Movies

1/14/2008 11:18am EST
Street Fighter
There are some things in Hollywood that just do not work: Lindsay Lohan and sobriety, most marriages, Tim Allen tackling roles not involving Christmas, and successfully adapting a video game into a movie. Why is this so hard?

The powers that be can take a 700-page book and trim it down to a two-hour story. Either they are picking really bad video games to adapt or the people involved just suck. There has yet to be a quality adaptation. So why do studios keep insisting on producing them? They even screwed up Doom, a story that involves Marines fighting aliens. How is that even possible...

New Movies on DVD, Feb. 7

2/7/2006 8:00am EST
The new releases this week cover a wide range of genres: animation, drama, action-adventure and comedy. The hugely popular Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Wererabbit is sure to please families of all shapes and sizes. Elizabethtown is a quirky little drama from director Cameron Crowe (Almost Famous, Jerry Maguire). Just Like Heaven is a romantic comedy starring Reese Witherspoon. Doom is based on the popular video game. The comedy Waiting centers on restaurant behind-the-scene antics.

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Doom: Unrated Extended Edition Available on DVD and UMD February 7

1/5/2006 7:30pm EST
Heart-stopping action and groundbreaking visual effects explode onto the screen when the thrilling action-adventure Doom arrives on DVD and UMD in an Unrated Extended Edition February 7, 2005 from Universal Studios Home Entertainment. Starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (The Rundown, The Scorpion King), Karl Urban (The Bourne Supremacy, Chronicles of Riddick, The Lord of the Rings trilogy) and Rosamund Pike (Die Another Day), Doom blasts viewers into an electrifying and dangerous vision of the future. With fight sequences choreographed by Hong Kong martial arts master Dion Lam (The Matrix tr...

New Film Releases for Friday, Nov. 4

11/2/2005 6:59am EST
Chicken Little
The animated film Chicken Little adds a new twist to the classic children's tale. Zach Braff voices the title character, while Joan Cusack is Abby Mallard and Steve Zahn plays Runt of the Litter.

Jarhead centers on Marine enlistee Swoff (Jake Gyllenhaal) and his transition from boot camp to active duty. There has been some Oscar buzz surrounding Gyllenhaal’s performance.

Still in theaters: Saw II, The Legend of Zorro, Prime, Dreamer, Wallace & Gromit, The Weather Man, Doom, North Country, The Fog, Flightplan, Elizabethtown, and Good Night, And Good Luck .

Moviegoers Preferred Saw II This Halloween Weekend

10/31/2005 10:11am EST
Saw II was the big winner at the box office this past weekend. The thriller earned over $30 million, almost double the second runner-up The Legend of Zorro ($16.5 million). Meanwhile, the comedy Prime came in the number three spot with a mere $6.4 million. This weekend's other new film, The Weather Man, opened in sixth place with just $4.3 million.

In order, the top 10 for Oct. 28-29 were: Saw II ($30 million), The Legend of Zorro ($16.4 million), Prime ($6.4 million), Dreamer ($6.3 million), Wallace & Gromit ($4.4 million), The Weather Man ($4.3 million), Doom ($4 million), North C...