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Doogal Cast and Crew

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Daniel Tay - Voice of Doogal
Jimmy Fallon - Voice of Dylan the Rabbit
Jon Stewart - Voice of Zeebad
Whoopi Goldberg - Voice of Ermintrude the Cow
William H. Macy - Voice of Brian the Snail
Chevy Chase - Voice of the Train
Judi Dench - Voice of the Narrator
Kylie Minogue - Voice of Florence
Ian McKellen - Voice of Zebedee
Kevin Smith - Voice of the Moose
Bill Hader - Voice of Sam the Soldier
Heidi Myers - Voice of Coral
eric robinson - Voice of Basil
Cory Edwards - Additional Voices
John Krasinski - Additional Voices
Jean Duval
Frank Passingham
Dave Borthwick
Laurent Rodon
Pascal Rodon
Francois Ivernel
Cameron McCracken
Jill Sinclair
Jake Eberts
Claude Gorsky
Linda Marks
Bruch Higham
Andrew Leighton
raoff sanoussi
Stephane Sanoussi
Tom Edge
Rupert Russell
Paul Bassett Davies
Tad Safran
Serge Danot
Martine Danot