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Donnie Brasco Cast and Crew

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Al Pacino - Lefty
Johnny Depp - Donnie
Michael Madsen - Sonny
Bruno Kirby - Nicky
James Russo - Paulie
Anne Heche - Maggie Pistone
Zeljko Ivanek - Tim Curley
Gerry Becker - Dean Blanford
Robert Miano - Sonny Red
Brian Tarantina - Bruno
Rocco Sisto - Richie Gazzo
Zach Grenier - Dr Berger
Walt MacPherson - Sheriff
Ronnie Farer - Annette
Terry Serpico - Strip Club Owner
Gretchen Mol - Sonny's Girlfriend
Tony Lip - Philly Lucky
George Angelica - Big Trin
Val Avery - Trafficante
Madison Arnold - Jilly
Delanie Fitzpatrick - Daughter
Katie Sagona - Daughter
Sara Gold - Daughter
Larry Romano - Tommy
Tim Blake Nelson - FBI Technician
Paul Giamatti - FBI Technician
James McCauley - FBI Agent
Jim Bulleit - US Attorney
Andrew Parks - Hollman
Keenan Shimizu - Japanese Maitre D'
Rocco Musacchia - Trafficant Man
Joe Francis - Trafficant Man
Sal Jenco - Mare Chiaro Bartender
Billy Capucilli - Communion Party Couple
Laura Cahill - Communion Party Couple
Doreen Murphy - Mob Girlfriend
Elle Alexander - Mob Girlfriend
Denise Faye - Mob Girlfriend
Elaine Del Valle - Mob Girlfriend
John Horton - FBI Director
Dan Brennan - FBI Photographer
LaJuan Carter - Singer
Sandy Barber - Singer
Joyce Stovall - Singer
Frank Pesce - Wiseguy
Randy Jurgensen - Wiseguy
John DiBenedetto - Wiseguy
Richard Zavaglia - Wiseguy
Tony Rossi - Wiseguy
Edward Black - Wiseguy
Gaetano LoGiudice - Wiseguy
Carmelo Musacchia - Wiseguy
Pat Vecchio - Wiseguy
Mike Newell
Mark Johnson
Barry Levinson
Louis J DiGiaimo
Gail Mutrux
Patrick McCormick
Alan Greenspan
Paul Attanasio
Joseph Pistone