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Don't Come Knocking Cast and Crew

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Sam Shepard - Howard Spence
Jessica Lange - Doreen
Gabriel Mann - Earl
Eva Marie Saint - Howard's Mother
Marieh Delfino - Second Girl
Tim Roth - Sutter
Sarah Polley - Sky
Fairuza Balk - Amber
James Gammon - Old Ranch Hand
Marley Shelton - Starlet
Tim Chambers - Starlet
Rodney A Grant - Wild-Eye
Tim Matheson - Film Producer
Julia Sweeney - Film Producer
Kurt Fuller - Mr. Daily
James Roday - First A.D.
Majandra Delfino - First Girl
George Kennedy - Film Director
Tom Farrell - Cliff Ormsby
Wim Wenders
Ulrich Felsberg
Peter Schwartzkopff
Karsten Brunig
In-Ah Lee
Wim Wenders
Jeremy Thomas
Carsten Lorenz
Wim Wenders
Sam Shepard