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Disney's A Christmas Carol Cast and Crew

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Bob Hoskins - Voice of Fezziwig/Old Joe
Robin Wright - Voice of Fan/Belle
Colin Firth - Voice of Fred
Livia Giuggioli - Voice of Fred
Gary Oldman - Voice of Bob Cratchit/Marley/Tiny Tim
Cary Elwes - Voice of Portly Gentleman #1/Dick Wilkins/Mad Fiddler/Guest #2/Business Man #1
Sammi Hanratty - Voice of Beggar Boy/Young Cratchit Girl/Want Girl
Ryan Ochoa - Voice of Tattered Caroler/Beggar Boy/Young Cratchit Boy/Ignorance Boy/Young Boy with Sleigh
Raymond Ochoa - Voice of Caroline's Child
Steve Valentine - Voice of Funerary Undertaker/Topper
Daryl Sabara - Voice of Undertaker's Apprentice/Tattered Caroler/Beggar Boy/Peter Cratchit/Well-Dressed Caroler
Sage Ryan - Voice of Tattered Caroler
Amber Meade - Voice of Tattered Caroler/Well-Dressed Caroler
Bobbi Page - Voice of Tattered Caroler/Well-Dressed Caroler
Ron Bottitta - Voice of Tattered Caroler/Well-Dressed Caroler
Julian Holloway - Voice of Fat Cook/Portly Gentleman #2/Business Man #3
Jacquie Barnbrook - Voice of Mrs Fezziwig/Fred's Sister-in-Law/Well-Dressed Caroler
Jim Carrey - Voice of Scrooge as a Middle-Aged Man
Lesley Manville - Voice of Mrs Cratchit
Molly Quinn - Voice of Belinda Cratchit
Fay Masterson - Voice of Martha Cratchit/Guest #1/Caroline
Leslie Zemeckis - Voice of Fred's Wife
Paul Blackthorne - Voice of Guest #3/Business Man #2
Michael Hyland - Voice of Guest #4
Kerry Hoyt - Voice of Adult Ignorance
Julene Renee - Voice of Adult Want
Fionnula Flanagan - Voice of Mrs Dilber
Callum Blue - Voice of Caroline's Husband
Matthew Henerson - Voice of Poulterer
Aaron Rapke - Voice of Well-Dressed Caroler
Sonje Fortag - Voice of Well-Dressed Caroler/Fred's Housemaid
Aliane Baquerot - Dancer
Seth Belliston - Dancer
Troy Edward Bowles - Dancer
Sam J Cahn - Dancer
Kelly Connolly - Dancer
John R Corella - Dancer
Kelly Crandall - Dancer
Sheri Griffith - Dancer
Beckie King - Dancer
Keith Kuhl - Dancer
Allison Leo - Dancer
Tarah Paige - Dancer
John J Todd - Dancer
Patrick Wetzel - Dancer
Karen Dyer - Dancer
Robert Zemeckis
Robert Zemeckis
Jack Rapke
Steve Starkey
Steven J Boyd
Heather Smith
Linda Fields-Hill
Robert Zemeckis
Charles Dickens