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Running Time: 92 mins.(FBC)MPAA Rating: RBox Office: $2,054.00
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama

Alex Rocco
Hari Rhodes
Vonetta McGee
Ella Edwards

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Congressman Aubrey Hale Clayton is Michigan's first Black Gubernatorial Candidate and his political organization holds a gala fund-raising affair at the elegant and once lily-white Sheraton-Cadillac Hotel. There's only one complication... It all happens in less than ten minutes. A well rehearsed team of masked robbers quickly burst Clayton's political bubble and split without the decency of leaving a single clue. The newspapers swell with accounts of a governmental scandal of mini-Watergate proportions; media can always find room for another double-cross. Clayton angrily asserts that the robery was engineered by whites solely to keep him from the Governor's mansion and demands a complete inv... Full Summary >>