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The Departed Cast and Crew

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Leonardo DiCaprio - Billy Costigan
Matt Damon - Colin Sullivan
Mark Wahlberg - Sergeant Dignam
Jack Nicholson - Frank Costello
Vera Farmiga - Madolyn
Renn Hawkey - Madolyn
Anthony Anderson - Brown
Alec Baldwin - Captain Ellerby
Ray Winstone - Mr French
James Badge Dale - Barrigan
Martin Sheen - Captain Queenan
David O'Hara - Fitzy
Mark Rolston - Delahunt
Kevin Corrigan - Cousin Sean
Robert Wahlberg - Lazio (FBI)
Kristen Dalton - Gwen
Tom Duffy - Governor
Dick Hughes - Uncle Edward
J C Mackenzie - Realtor
Mary Klug - Billy's Aunt
Peg Holzemer - Mrs. Keenefick
Robert Chan - Triad Boss
Gurdeep Singh - Pakistani Proprietor
Armen Garo - Providence Gangster #1
John Centiempo - Providence Gangster #2
Joseph Riccobene - Kneecapped Bankrobber
Billy Smith - Detective #1 Tailing Queenan
Lyman Chen - Translator
Kevin P McCarthy - Detective #1-Colin's Unit
Chris Fischer - Detective #2-Colin's Unit
Brian Smyj - Man Glassed In Bar
William Severs - Older Priest
Larry Mitchell - Younger Priest
Anthony Estrella - Police Camera Tech
Andrew Breving - Police Cell Phone Tech
Tracey Paleo - Darlene the Secretary
Douglas Crosby - Man Killed By French
Dorothy Lyman - Woman at Bar #1
Audrie Neenan - Woman at Bar #2
Frank Mallicoat - News Anchor
Paula Demers - Billy's Mother
Conor Donovan - Young Colin
Amanda Lynch - Carmen
Sallie Toussaint - Woman at Opera
Patrick Coppola - Bookie Harassed by French
Mick O'Rourke - Jimmy Bags
Deborah Carlson - Sister Mary Theresa
Nellie Sciutto - Queenan's Secretary
Peter Welch - Other Prisoner
Henry Yuk - Chinese Government Man
Dennis Lynch - Costello's Crew #1
Michael Byron - Costello's Crew #2
Billy Lee - Costello's Crew #3
John Rue - Luncheonette Proprietor
Peter Crafts - Man in Costello's Bar
Joseph Reidy - Priest w/Young Colin
John Farrer - Priest at Billy's Funeral
Paris Karounos - Jimmy Pappas
Brian Haley - Detective #2 Tailing Queenan
Terry Serpico - Detective #3 Tailing Queenan
Jay Giannone - Detective #4 Tailing Queenan
John J Polce - Lynn Detective
Bo Cleary - Drill Instructor #2
David P Conley - Gang Member with Mr. French
Victor Chan - Chinese Delivery Man
Jill Brown - Executed Woman
Sarah Fearon - French's Wife
Tom Kemp - Billy Costigan, Sr.
Denece Ryland - Woman Doctor
Zachary Pauliks - Young Billy
Daniel F Risteen - Crack House Cop #1
Francis P Hughes - Crack House Cop #2
Johnny Cicco - Crack Addict
Chance Kelly - Exam Instructor
Shay Duffin - Bartender at Brasserie
John McConnell - Bookie in Costello's Bar
Ken Stoddard - State Trooper #1
Jeff Winter - State Trooper #2
Paddy Curran - New Guy
Mark Philip Patrick - New Guy
David Fischer - Executed Man
Walter Wong - Waiter in Alley
Tony M Yee - Waiter in Alley
Francesca Scorsese - Little Girl at Airport
Emma Tillinger Koskoff - Woman with Dog
Craig Castaldo - Crack House Denizen
Martin Scorsese
Brad Grey
Brad Pitt
Graham King
Roy Lee
Doug Davison
Gianni Nunnari
G Mac Brown
Kristin Hahn
Joseph Reidy
Michael Aguilar
Rick Schwartz
Emma Tillinger Koskoff
William Monahan
Felix Chong
Alan Mak