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The Deep Blue Sea Cast and Crew

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Rachel Weisz - Hester Collyer
Tom Hiddleston - Freddie Page
Simon Russell Beale - Sir William Collyer
Barbara Jefford - Collyer's Mother
Harry Hadden-Paton - Jackie Jackson
Ann Mitchell - Mrs. Elton
Karl Johnson - Mr. Miller
Jolyon Coy - Philip Welch
Sarah Kants - Liz Jackson
Nicholas Amer - Mr. Elton
Oliver Ford Davies - Hester's Father
Mark Tandy - Ede And Ravenscroft Assistant
Stuart McLoughlin - Singing Man In Tube
Terence Davies
Sean O'Connor
Kate Ogborn
Lisa Marie Russo
Peter Hampden
Norman Merry
Katherine Butler
Terence Davies
Terence Rattigan
Jon Croker