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Zoe Saldana's Ruffled White Dress & Black Sash - Hot Or Not?

6/2/2010 4:27pm EDT
Zoe Saldana
Zoe Saldana arrived at the The 2010 Crystal + Lucy Awards in Century City, Calif., yesterday looking smashing in a white ruffled cocktail dress with a black sash tied around her waist. The "Avatar" and "Star Trek" actress picked up the MaxMara "Face of the Future" award during the event.

32-year-old Zoe recently told, "The thirties are great. It's like notches on your belt: experience, wisdom, and a different kind of beauty. I have become comfortable in my skin."

The actress recently starred in "Death at a Funeral" and "The Losers." She has several films in production, includi...

A Look At The Tribeca Film Fest And How You Can Participate Online

4/21/2010 11:30am EDT
My favourite time of year!
Back in 2008, I had recently moved to New York wanting to fulfill a lifelong dream of becoming a writer. I’d just come from California where I fulfilled a different dream of becoming a musician and thought, if I could be writer anywhere, it might as well be here. I got a gig writing columns for Starpulse and after a couple of months, my editor approached me about covering the Tribeca Film Festival. The craziest part… I was a music writer. I’d sort of decided early on that I would write these long-winded musical thesises, partly to exercise my brain of all of this musical data that I had sto...

'Dragons' Barely Beats 'Kick-Ass' At Box Office

4/19/2010 9:43am EDT
How To Train Your Dragon
Animated hit "How To Train Your Dragon" has narrowly beaten action comedy "Kick-Ass" to the top of the box office chart, according to early studio estimates.

The family film scraped ahead with a weekend gross of $20 million on its fourth week on release, compared to "Kick-Ass'" opening takings of $19.8 million.

But it will be another close call for the second week running - the two movies could easily switch positions when exact ticket sales for Sunday are calculated on Monday.

Meanwhile, romantic comedy "Date Night" is at three this week with $17.3 million, while "Death at a Funeral" en...

Tracy Morgan Owns Jacko Glove

4/16/2010 9:44am EDT
Tracy Morgan
Comedian Tracy Morgan has struck it rich - he owns one of Michael Jackson's original jeweled gloves.

The funnyman's Death at a Funeral co-star, Luke Wilson, scoffed at the fact Morgan had paid $17,000 for the pop culture memorabilia item - but now he's convinced Morgan is sitting on a small fortune.

Wilson says, "It was right when Michael Jackson had announced that he was gonna do those shows in London before he passed away and Tracy was like, 'You know I bought Mike's glove - the one from the Thriller video,' and I was like, 'Really? You bought that. How much did that cost you?' He was...

Our Favorite Short Celebrities

2/3/2010 2:39pm EST
Reese Witherspoon
In honor of our shortest month, February, we compiled a list of some of our favorite short celebrities - starting with the lovely Reese Witherspoon (5' 2").

Verne Troyer, 2' 8"

Notable Works: Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, Austin Powers in Goldmember, The Love Guru

Danny DeVito, 5'

Notable Works: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Be Cool, Drowning Mona, Batman Returns

Gary Coleman, 4' 8"

Notable Works: Diff'rent Strokes

Mickey Rooney, 5' 3"

Notable Works: Boy's Town, Baby Face Nelson, The Black Stallion

Peter Dinklage, 4'5"

Notable Works:...

Best Space Movies

6/12/2009 9:53am EDT
The subject of space is a difficult one in terms of selecting films. Qualifying elements are somewhat subjective. Does the film have to take place in space? Must it include aliens? Does a mere reference to space, or different planets, make it a "space" film? In short, is it merely a subgenre of science fiction? Space and science fiction, while not mutually exclusive, can occur without the other.

In celebration of the release of one of the newest and most promising space films, Moon, check out a brief list of our favorite space films. What you will find below is a mix of films t...

The 'Forgot-scers': Films & Performances That Fell Through The Cracks This Year

2/22/2008 11:39am EST
Michael Clayton
The Academy Awards are just one big popularity contest, right? Everyone has an agenda, everything is fixed, its Hollywood's Prom and this year Michael Clayton is just the Prom King.

Some of it's true and some isn't, and most of the movies nominated this year are rightfully so. That just doesn't reconcile that so many great movies fall through the cracks each year, for whatever reason, and don't get their just deserts.

They're overlooked, they're under-appreciated, and they're forgotten. They may not be the very greatest ever made, but they still deserve to get let in on the celeb...

The Number-One Movie You Probably Should See That You Probably Haven't

10/10/2007 1:21pm EDT
Death at a Funeral
It's Friday night and I'm sitting in a movie theater doing something I just never do anymore: coming back for more. There was a time as a kid that I would zero in on a film, greedily lop it up, and follow it with lustful obsession. It's a pro of being a child - the ability to fully submerge oneself in a world and never let go.

I'm guilty as charged for such films as Star Wars Episode I, hardly a masterpiece, and Clueless (I had an older sister, cut me some slack). It's rarely the mark of a fantastic film and more often the score of fantasy capturing the imagination, whether that's th...

Opening August 17: Death at a Funeral

8/14/2007 9:50am EDT
Death at a Funeral
This nutty British comedy observes with jet black humor the myriad of outrageous calamities that befall an eccentric English clan with more than a few skeletons in its closets, when its patriarch dies an unexpected death. Soon, every complication imaginable - including the wrong corpse in the coffin, the accidental consumption of hallucinogenic drugs... Continue Summary

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