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Death Defying Acts Cast and Crew

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Guy Pearce - Harry Houdini
Catherine Zeta-Jones - Mary McGarvie
Frankey Martyn - Rose
Timothy Spall - Mr. Sugarman
MacKay Crawford - Psychic Reporter
Saoirse Ronan - Benji
Malcolm Shields - Leith Romeo
Leni Harper - Leith Romeo's Wife
Ralph Riach - Mr Robertson
Olivia Darnley - Flower Stall Seller
Anthony O'Donnell - Oily Librarian
Billy McColl - McTavish
James Holmes - Ugly Mug
Aileen O'Gorman - Seamstress
Raymond Griffiths - Music Hall Dwarf
Shaun Mason - Heckler
Tom Cotcher - Boxer's Manager
Joanne Cummins - Houdini Fan 1
Carol Robb - Houdini Fan 2
Mark Carter - Reporter 1
Paul Grunert - Hotel Manager
Graeme McKnight - Bellboy
Aaron Brown - Sugarman's Assistant
Martin Fisher - Concierge
Emma Humphries - Chambermaid
Miles Jupp - Ventriloquist
Tim Frost - Tap Dancer
Cloe Mackie - Psychic Twin
Holly Mackie - Psychic Twin
David McKail - Maitre'D
Maev Alexander - Autograph Hound
Richard Dean - Angel with Red Hair
Rod Arthur - Police Chief
Alan David - Professor
Lorraine Hilton - Professor's Assistant
Dodger Phillips - Reporter 2
Campbell Graham - Reporter 3
Jack Bailey - Redhaired Pilot
Justin Flagg - Montreal Student
Gillian Armstrong
Marian Macgowan
Chris Curling
Marcia Nasatir
Dan Lupovitz
Kirk D'Amico
David M. Thompson
Lucas Foster
Brian Ward
Tony Grisoni
Philip Robertson
Joe Oppenheimer
Celia Richards
Linda Chiu
Kathrine Armfelt
Tony Grisoni
Brian Ward