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Dead Man Cast and Crew

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Johnny Depp - William Blake
Gary Farmer - Nobody
Lance Henriksen - Cole Wilson
Michael Wincott - Conway Twill
Mili Avital - Thell Russell
Iggy Pop - Salvatore "Sally" Jenko
Jared Harris - Benmont Tench
Billy Bob Thornton - Big George Drakoulious
Crispin Glover - Train Fireman
Eugene Byrd - Johnny "The Kid" Pickett
Michelle Thrush - Nobody's Girlfriend
Gabriel Byrne - Charlie Dickinson
John Hurt - John Scholfield
Alfred Molina - Trading Post Missionary
Robert Mitchum - John Dickinson
Jimmie Ray Weeks - Marvin--Older Mashall
Mark Bringelson - Lee--Younger Mashall
Gibby Haines - Man with Gun in Alley
George Duckworth - Man at End of Street
Richard Boes - Man with Wrench
Mike Dowson - Old Man with Wanted Posters
John Pattison - Trading Post Man No 1
Todd R Pfeiffer - Trading Post Man No 2
Leonard Bowechop - Mahah Village
Cecil Cheeka - Mahah Village
Michael McCarty - Mahah Village
Thomas Bettles - Young Nobody No 1
Daniel Chas Stacy - Young Nobody No 2
Peter Schrum - Drunk
John North - Mr Olafsen
Jim Jarmusch
Demetra J MacBride
Karen Koch
Jim Jarmusch