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The Dead Girl Cast and Crew

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Brittany Murphy - Krista
Toni Collette - Arden
Piper Laurie - Arden's Mother
Giovanni Ribisi - Rudy
Rose Byrne - Leah
Mary Steenburgen - Leah's Mother
Mary Beth Hurt - Ruth
Nick Searcy - Carl
Marcia Gay Harden - Melora
Kerry Washington - Rosetta
Josh Brolin - Tarlow
James Franco - Derek
Bruce Davison - Leah's Father
Christopher Allen Nelson - Murray
Dennis Keifer - Tom
Dennis Keiffer - Tom
Elizabeth Pernoll - Ashley
Gillian Pernoll - Ashley
Dan Callahan - Storage Costumer #1
Don Smith - Cop 1
Michael Raysses - Cop 2
Earl Carroll - Reporter
Dorothy Beatty - Grocery Checker
Eva Loseth - Grocery Store Customer
Joanie Tomsky - Therapist
Kate Mulligan - Party Girl
Gus Buktenica - Storage Customer #2
Bobby Hosea - Detective
Lee von Ernst - Del
Carla Jimenez - Ashley's Caretaker
Daniel Leavitt - Candy Store Boy
Amy Benedict - Candy Store Mom
Stephanie Mace - Food Court Mom
Paige Pelletier - Food Court Girl
Madison Pelletier - Food Court Girl
Karen Moncrieff
Henry Winterstern
Tom Rosenberg
Gary Lucchesi
Richard Wright
Eric Karten
Kevin Turen
David Scott Rubin
Eric Reid
Terry A McKay
Temple Williams
Karen Moncrieff