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Dennis Quaid's Wife Files For A Divorce

3/9/2012 11:10am EST
Dennis Quaid
Actor Dennis Quaid is steeling himself for a divorce battle after his wife filed documents to end their marriage.

The Day After Tomorrow star Quaid's third wife, Kimberly Buffington-Quaid, has filed for divorce and is demanding spousal support, her lawyers' fees, and a share of the actor's assets.

However, the split could be a drawn-out affair as Quaid wants Kimberly to get "nothing," according to

In her divorce petition, Kimberly's representatives state, "The marriage has become insupportable because of discord or conflict of personalities... that destroys the legitimate end...

Gym Day: Emmy Rossum Stops For Popsicles

8/6/2010 6:55pm EDT
Emmy Rossum
"Phantom of the Opera" actress Emmy Rossum looked au natural after stopping to pick up a box of popsicles after leaving the gym in New York City on Wednesday. The fresh faced star opted for no make-up and wore Nike high top sneakers and leggings.

Whatever happened to Emmy? She seemed to have a promising career ahead of her but has instead opted for films such as "Dragonball: Evolution" and its upcoming sequel, "Dragonball 2: Reborn."

Emmy has performed in over 20 operas in six different languages and starred opposite Sean Penn in "Mystic River." She also starred in the big-budget popcorn...

Trailer Talk: This Week In Movies - '2012,' 'Pirate Radio' & More

11/9/2009 9:52am EST
At some point this week I hope to catch the wacky comedy "The Men Who Stare at Goats." While I have read some bad reviews of the film, I believe my tendency to disagree with the mainstream, could be a wild card for my own appraisal of the movie.

I'm having difficulty believing the collection of George Clooney, Ewan McGregor, Kevin Spacey and Jeff Bridges could contribute to a horrific film considering I how much appreciate their abilities on screen.

Roland Emmerich destroys the world yet another time this week with his apocalyptic tale "2012." The quirky animation of Wes Anders...

'Star Trek' Tops Spike TV 'Scream 2009' Awards With 17 Noms

9/7/2009 12:00pm EDT
Star Trek XI
"Resistance is futile" this October as Spike TV presents the fourth annual "Scream," the first and only global event of its kind to honor the best in sci-fi, fantasy, horror and comic genres. Taping on Saturday, October 17 at The Greek Theater in Los Angeles, CA, "Scream 2009" celebrates the hottest films, TV shows, comics, actors, creators, icons and pioneers who have influenced and shaped the industry. This year's show will also continue the tradition of featuring exclusive World Premieres from some of the most anticipated movies of 2010. The two-hour extravaganza will premiere on Spi...

Emmy Rossom's Short, Tight Wrap Dress

3/10/2009 11:34am EDT
Emmy Rossum
Emmy Rossum showed up to the world premiere of Dragonball Evolution, in Tokyo, Japan, Tuesday, wearing what looks like a swath of blue fabric wrapped around her body and tied in back. Elegant in its simplicity, the dress showed off Emmy's long and lean legs. Rossum has starred in Poseidon, The Day After Tomorrow & The Phantom of the Opera.

What do you think of Emmy's outfit? Let us know in the comments!

Check out more pics of Emmy here!

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Movie Sequels We'd Like To See

6/23/2008 1:31pm EDT
Full Baked
For better or worse, sequels are a staple in the movie industry. Media franchises have the benefit of an established audience base, which makes for easier marketing and endorsements. Producers want to cash in and build upon the success of the original films, and moviegoers often get so attached to the characters seen in movies that they'll willingly shell out $10-12 for sub par movies that got rushed to the silver screen to ride the box office wave. Unfortunately, because not every movie can have its own set of action figures and lunch boxes, many sequels that deserve to be made have slippe...

'Firefly,' 'Blade Runner' Top Sci Fi 'Visions For Tomorrow' Poll

6/17/2008 11:40am EDT
SCI FI's Visions For Tomorrow conducted a "Top Things To Read, Watch, And Do To Save The World" online poll to discover which works of science fiction film, television, and literature resonate most with people and the courses of action they inspire. Visions for Tomorrow is a public affairs initiative utilizing the power of science fiction to positively impact the future.

As evidenced by the nearly 20,000 who cast their vote, science fiction's influence on popular culture is undeniable. Crowning the lists are: Blade Runner, the film depicting a dystopian Los Angeles in the year 2019; Ge...

March Movie Preview

2/29/2008 1:25pm EST
Horton Hears a Who
With the month of love at our heels and St. Patrick's day right around the corner, the weather is promising to thaw and the movies are starting to get hot. Oscar season is over, which can mean only one thing: the push to summer block busters is right around the corner.

Fans of academy-driven mellow drama, art pictures, or just some more meaningful films must go into hiding for a few months or simply stay glued to George Clooney's IMDb in production page. Meanwhile, mindless summer gags are toning their movie-watching physique at muscle beach getting ready for their time. All that stan...

God's Pottery Discusses New EP put out by Comedy Central

2/13/2008 9:06am EST
When Jeremiah Smallchild and Gideon Lamb started performing as God's Pottery they were just two little fish in the big pond that is NYC. But as they started nibbling at that ol' Apple, they grew larger in size until they came to the attention of Comedy Central Records, who decided to release an EP of the Christian acoustic duo's wholesome brand of foot-tapping fun. But in this modern world, where the Internet, cell phones, and reality TV dominate the cultural landscape, is there still room for God? Jerimiah and Gideon think so, and they're not going to give up until we're all singing his ...

Debut EP From 'Phantom Of The Opera' Star Emmy Rossum Released

8/2/2007 7:00pm EDT
Emmy Rossum
Geffen Records is proud to present the debut EP from Emmy Rossum (The Phantom of the Opera, Mystic River, The Day After Tomorrow, Poseidon).

"This music is who I am," says 20-year-old Emmy Rossum of her self-titled debut on Geffen Records. "In the movies, I've always felt like one piece of the puzzle. But this is all me. It's my baby. I get to write, direct and star. And that's the most fulfilling thing. It's everything I've always wanted to do. This music is so close to me. It's something new… You can't categorize it."

With a Golden Globe nomination for her performance as Christ...

Check Out FOX's May Sweeps Details

4/26/2007 9:39am EDT
American Idol
FOX races into May with gripping season finales, guest stars and television events, including NASCAR On FOX in primetime May 5 and May 12; the World Broadcast Premiere of The Day After Tomorrow May 17; the landmark 400th episode of The Simpsons May 20; the jaw-dropping, two-hour season finale of 24 May 21; and the three-hour, two-night season finale of American Idol, featuring the final performance show May 22 and the final live results show that's sure to captivate America May 23.

Here are the highlights, night by night, for this May on FOX:


Mondays this May, hearts w...

Jake Gyllenhaal Urinated on Set of Day After Tomorrow

3/6/2006 9:26am EST
Jake Gyllenhaal
Jake Gyllenhaal urinated in a water tank while he was filming 'The Day After Tomorrow'. The heartthrob star admits he was so desperate to relieve himself while he was on set he couldn't make it to a bathroom in time. He revealed to Hot Stars magazine: "When we were filming the tsunami scene in 'The Day After Tomorrow', I needed the bathroom so I peed in the water tank."

Meanwhile, it has been revealed Jake was once arrested for stealing a pair of Speedos. The handsome actor confessed he got in trouble with the police after he pilfered the skimpy swimming trunks from a store in trendy ...