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Dawn of the Dead Cast and Crew

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David Emge - Stephen
Ken Foree - Peter
Scott Reininger - Roger
Gaylen Ross - Francine
David Crawford - Dr Foster
David Early - Mr Berman
Richard France - Scientist
Howard K Smith - Television Commentator
James A Baffico - Wooley
Rod Stouffer - Young Officer on Roof
Jese Del Gre - Old Priest
Clayton McKinnon - Project Apartment Officer
Ted Bank - Police Dock Officer
Randy Kovitz - Police Dock Officer
Patrick McCloskey - Police Dock Officer
Pasquale Buba - Motorcycle Raider
Joseph Pilato - Police Dock Officer
Tom Savini - Motorcycle Raider
Tony Buba - Motorcycle Raider
Marty Schiff - Motorcycle Raider
Joe Shelby - Motorcycle Raider
Dave Hawkins - Motorcycle Raider
Tom Kapusta - Motorcycle Raider
Nick Tallo - Motorcycle Raider
Rudolph J Ricci - Motorcycle Raider
Taso Stavrakis - Motorcycle Raider
Larry Vaira - Motorcycle Raider
Sharon Ceccatti - Lead Zombie
Pam Chatfield - Lead Zombie
Bill Christopher - Lead Zombie
Clayton Hill - Lead Zombie
George Romero - TV Director
Jay Stover - Lead Zombie
Josef Pilato - Police Dock Officer
George Romero
Richard P Rubinstein
Herbert Steinmann
Billy Baxter
Alfredo Cuomo
Claudio Argento
Donna Siegal
George Romero
Dario Argento