Dances With Wolves Cast and Crew

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Kevin Costner - Lieutenant Dunbar
Mary McDonnell - Stands With a Fist
Graham Greene - Kicking Bird
Rodney A Grant - Wind in His Hair
Floyd Westerman - Ten Bears
Tantoo Cardinal - Black Shawl
Robert Pastorelli - Timmons
Charles Rocket - Lieutenant Elgin
Maury Chaykin - Major Fambrough
Jimmy Herman - Stone Calf
Nathan Chasing His Horse - Smiles a Lot
Michael Spears - Otter
Jason R Lone Hill - Worm
Tony Pierce - Spivey
Doris Leader Charge - Pretty Shield
Tom Everett - Sergeant Pepper
Larry Joshua - Sergeant Bauer
Kirk Baltz - Edwards
Wayne Grace - Major
Donald Hotton - General Tide
Anne Costner - Christine
Conor Duffy - Willie
Elisa Daniel - Christine's Mother
Percy White Plume - Big Warrior
John Tail - Escort Warrior
Steve Reevis - 1st Sioux/1st Warrior
Sheldon Wolfchild - 2nd Sioux/2nd Warrior
Wes Studi - Toughest Pawnee
Buffalo Child - 1st Pawnee
Clayton Big Eagle - 2nd Pawnee
Richard Leader Charge - 3rd Pawnee
Redwing Ted Nez - Sioux Warrior
Marvin Holy - Sioux Warrior
Raymond Newholy - Sioux Courier
David J Fuller - Kicking Bird's Son
Ryan White Bull - Kicking Bird's Eldest Son
Otakuye Conroy - Kicking Bird's Daughter
Maretta Big Crow - Village Mother
Steve Chambers - Guard
William H Burton - General's Aide
Bill W Curry - Confederate Cavalryman
Nick Thompson - Confederate Soldier
Carter Hanner - Confederate Soldier
Kent Hays - Wagon Driver
Robert Goldman - Union Soldier
Frank P Costanza - Tucker
James A Mitchell - Ray
R L Curtin - Ambush Wagon Driver
Kevin Costner
John Huneck
Philip C Pfeiffer
Jim Wilson
Kevin Costner
Jake Eberts
Bonnie Arnold
Michael Blake

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