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Cutthroat Island Cast and Crew

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Geena Davis - Morgan
Matthew Modine - Shaw
Frank Langella - Dawg
Maury Chaykin - John Reed
Patrick Malahide - Ainslee
Stan Shaw - Glasspoole
Rex Linn - Mr Blair
Paul Dillon - Snelgrave
Christopher Masterson - Bowen
Jimmie F Skaggs - Scully
Harris Yulin - Black Harry
Carl Chase - Bishop
Peter Geeves - Fiddler Pirate
Angus Wright - Captain Trotter
Ken Bones - Toussant
Mary Pegler - Mandy Rickets
Mary Peach - Lady
Lucinda Aurel - Lady
Thomas Lockyer - Lieutenant
Roger Booth - Auctioneer
George Murcell - Mordachai
Simon Atherton - Bartender
Dickey Beer - Executioner
Christopher Halliday - Hastings
Christopher Dean Johnston - Helmsman
Richard Leaf - Snake the Lookout
Tam White - Fleming
Rupert Vansittart - Captain Perkins
Nick Bartlett - Dawg's Pirate
David Bailie - Dawg's Pirate
Kwame Kwei-Armah - Dawg's Pirate
Ramon Tikaram - Dawg's Pirate
Chris Adamson - Dawg's Pirate
Renny Harlin
Renny Harlin
Joel B. Michaels
Laurence Mark
James Gorman
Mario Kassar
John Baldecchi
Lynwood Spinks
Jane Bartelme
Marc Norman
Michael Frost Beckner
Robert King
James Gorman
Bruce Evans
Raynold Gideon
Robert King