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Criminal Cast and Crew

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Stanley Baker - Johnny Bannion
Margit Saad - Suzanne
Sam Wanamaker - Mike Carter
Gregoire Aslan - Frank Saffron
Jill Bennett - Maggie
Laurence Naismith - Mr Town
Noel Willman - Prison Governor
Patrick Magee - Chief Warder Barrows
Edward Judd - Young Warder
Dorothy Bromiley - Angela
Kenneth J Warren - Clobber
Jack Rodney - Scout
Nigel Green - Ted
Kenneth Cope - Kelly
Patrick Wymark - Sol
John Molloy - Snipe
Brian Phelan - Pauly Larkin
Murray Melvin - Antlers
John Van Eyssen - Formby
Rupert Davies - Edwards
Tom Bell - Flynn
Neil McCarthy - O'Hara
Derek Francis - Priest
Redmond Phillips - Prison Doctor
Paul Stassino - Alfredo Fanucci
Jerold Wells - Warder Brown
Keith Smith - Hanson
Tom Gerard - Quantock
Larry Taylor - Charles
Sydney Bromely - Frightened Prisoner
Luigi Tiano - Italian Speaking Prisoner
Richard Shaw - Warder in Van
Charles Lamb - Mr Able
Maxwell Shaw - Man at Party
Victor Beaumont - Man at Party
Ronald Brittain - Kitchen Warder
Thomas Eytle - West Indian Prisoner
Maitland Williams - West Indian Prisoner
Dickie Owen - 1st Man in Prison
Roy Dotrice - Nicholls
Bobby Naidoo - Serang
Joseph Losey
Jack Greenwood
Jim O'Connolly
Alun Owen
Jimmy Sangster