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Day of the Dead


Creepshow Cast and Crew

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Hal Holbrook - Henry Northrup
Adrienne Barbeau - Wilma Northrup
Fritz Weaver - Dexter Stanley
Don Keefer - Mike--the Janitor
Robert Harper - Charlie Gereson
Cletus Anderson - Host
Katie Karlowitz - Maid
Chuck Aber - Mr Richard Raymond
Christine Forrest - Mrs Tabitha Raymond
Leslie Nielsen - Richard Vickers
Gaylen Ross - Becky Vickers
Ted Danson - Harry Wentworth
Stephen King - Jordy Verrill
Bingo O'Malley - Jordy's Father
E.G. Marshall - Upson Pratt
David Early - Mr White
Iva Jean Saraceni - Billy's Mother
Joe Hill - Billy
Joe King - Billy
Tom Atkins - Billy's Father
Marty Schiff - 1st Garbage Man
Tom Savini - 2nd Garbage Man
Carrie Nye - Aunt Sylvia Grantham
Viveca Lindfors - Aunt Bedelia
Elizabeth Regen - Cass Blaine
Ed Harris - Hank Blaine
Warner Shook - Richard Grantham
Jon Lormer - Nathan Grantham
John Amplas - Nathan Grantham's Corpse
Nann Mogg - Mrs Danvers
Peter Messer - Yarbo
George Romero
Richard P Rubinstein
Salah M Hassanein
David E Vogel
Stephen King