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Comedy of Power Cast and Crew

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Isabelle Huppert - Judge Jeanne Charmant Killman
Francois Berleand - Humeau
Patrick Bruel - Sibaud
Marilyne Canto - Erika
Robin Renucci - Philippe
Thomas Chabrol - Felix
Yves Verhoeven - The Court Clerk
Roger Dumas - Rene Lange
Jean-Christophe Bouvet - Mr. Parlebas, Esq.
Philippe Duclos - Holeo
Jacques Boudet - Descarts
Pierre Vernier - Presiding Judge Martino
Jean-Francois Balmer - Boldi
Michèle Goddet - Nicole Humeau
Claude Chabrol
Patrick Godeau
Francoise Galfre
Alfred Hurmer
Claude Chabrol
Odile Barski