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'Clueless: The Musical?' As If!

6/26/2015 9:49am EDT
'Clueless' Musical: Director Amy Heckerling Confirms 'Clueless'
Clueless: The Musical is totally happening! According to ET, Clueless director Amy Heckerling has confirmed (after years of speculation) that the '90s valley girl classic is being remade into a Broadway musical.

“I’ve written the, what they call the book and it’s a jukebox musical,” Heckerling announced (oh, and for the record, a "jukebox musical" is a musical where the music is previously written pop songs and not original compositions- think Moulin Rouge! or Jersey Boys). Makes sense- Clueless would make a perfect jukebox musical. "Rollin' With My Homies," anyone?

Heckerling also reveal...

9 Greatest Movie Quotes And Scenes From The 1990s

5/4/2014 12:00pm EDT
9 Greatest Movie Quotes And Scenes From The 1990s
There are memorable movie lines and then, there are MEMORABLE movie lines. The kind you repeat to yourself, your friends and anyone you meet for weeks after you've seen the film. The best part about most of them, they weren't meant to be funny. Human perception, go figure! The 90's were a perfect time for the movies. They were a time to experiment and go outside the lines with stories, laughs and most of all, acting.

1. GoodFellas (1990)

"What do you mean, I'm funny?...You mean the way I talk? What?...Funny how? I mean, what's funny about it?...But I'm funny how? I mean, funny like I'm ...

8 Fictional Characters Women Would Marry In A Heartbeat

3/15/2014 10:00am EDT
8 Fictional Characters Women Would Marry In A Heartbeat
There are many reasons why women watch romantic comedies or even just romantic, lovey-dovey movies in general. The main reason for most is that we fall for the male lead in all of his romantic glory. Most real guys just can't hold a candle to these perfect fantasy men. We think we've managed to find the 8 strongest, most handsome, most irresistible on-screen personas Hollywood has to offer.

To the gentlemen reading this: Yes. We are comparing you to these guys. Take notes.

1) Gerry from "P.S. I Love You"

There is something to be said about a man who plans out how to get you through hi...

The Top 10 Greatest Movies From The 90s

2/24/2014 9:00pm EST
The Top 10 Greatest Movies From The 90s
You can't really think of movies of the nineties without mentioning these solid flicks of the decade. The 1994 movie "Forrest Gump" kicks off our list of the best movies from the decade that you cannot do without watching. These movies are the most quotable films of the generation.

The movie gave us the quotes "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get" and "Stupid is as stupid does."

This is a timeless classic that really solidified Tom Hanks as an actor who could carry an entire movie with little help. In fact, if you have yet to see "Forrest Gump", the...

Stacey Dash Fires Back At Critics Over Mitt Romney Support; Endorsed Him Because Of 'The Content Of His Character'

10/9/2012 11:03pm EDT
Stacey Dash
Actress Stacey Dash has spoken out after being attacked on for endorsing Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

The 47-year-old Clueless star tweeted an image of herself in a red swimsuit in front of the American Flag with the message, "Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future"; after which she was criticized by fans.

Stacey appeared on Piers Morgan's CNN show Tuesday night for an interview over the tweet; telling the British host why she's supporting the Massachusetts Governor over Barack Obama, who she voted for in 2008.

"I would say because of the state of th...

Classic Comedy 'Clueless' Arrives On Blu-ray May 1

4/28/2012 6:54am EDT
Jane Austen might never have imagined that her 1816 novel "Emma" could be turned into a fresh and satirical look at ultra-rich teenagers in a Beverly Hills high school in "Clueless."

Cher (Alicia Silverstone) and Dionne (Stacey Dash), both named after "great singers of the past that now do infomercials," are pampered upper-class girls who care less about getting good grades than wearing the right clothes and being as popular as possible.

But Cher, who lives with her tough yet warm-hearted lawyer dad (Dan Hedaya) and hunky, sensitive stepbrother (Paul Rudd), also has an innate urge to help...

Alicia Silverstone Defends Her Unconventional Baby Feeding Technique

4/10/2012 1:13pm EDT
Alicia Silverstone
Alicia Silverstone has defended her controversial practice of feeding her son by passing chewed food directly from her mouth to his.

The actress sparked a parenting debate last month after publishing video footage of herself demonstrating the bizarre technique with her son Bear Blu, with some critics claiming the practice is unhygienic.

The Clueless star admits she never expected the clip to cause a media storm and insists the tactic has been used by moms for "thousands of years" to help toddlers adjust to solid foods.

She says, "People have been feeding their kids that way for thousa...

Alicia Silverstone Supports Proposed Chimpanzee Legislation

12/16/2011 8:34am EST
Alicia Silverstone
Vegan actress Alicia Silverstone has urged her fans to write to their local politicians in a bid to stamp out laboratory experiments on chimpanzees.

The Clueless star is supporting The Great Ape Protection and Cost Savings Act, and is rallying the support of her online followers to back the proposed legislation, which will prohibit invasive research on primates.

In a post on her blog, she writes, "The issue of experimentation on chimps is one that breaks my heart. They are so close to us. And even if they weren't, they are amazing beings. One way in which they are not similar to humans,...

Evan Rachel Wood's Defining Moment In Hollywood Was Making 'Thirteen'

11/5/2011 6:00pm EDT
Evan Rachel Wood
AFI Fest celebrated Young Hollywood with a panel of under 30 movie stars: Evan Rachel Wood, Kristen Dunst, Armie Hammer and Anton Yelchin. Asked when they felt they’d made it in Hollywood, Wood surprised her fellow panelists and the audience with her answer.

“Has everybody seen Clueless?” Wood began. “Jeremy Sisto played Elton, drove Alicia Silverstone home in that movie. He drove me home in Thirteen.”

Thirteen was Wood’s breakthrough movie where she played a teenager falling for a bad influence. Her Hollywood moment was much more innocent though. “As a 14-year-old, that was a big moment ...

Stacey Dash Officially Back On The Market!

9/30/2011 8:41am EDT
Stacey Dash
Clueless star Stacey Dash's divorce from her third husband has been made official.

The actress wed Emmanuel Xuereb in 2007 but she filed to terminate the relationship in January, 2010, on the same day she requested a restraining order against him.

Dash alleged Xuereb was violent towards her during their union and was granted a protection order against him by a judge.

Now, Dash is legally single again after officials at Los Angeles County Superior Court signed off on the divorce, reports

The former couple has no children but 45-year-old Dash has two children from previous re...

Stacey Dash Quits 'Single Ladies' To Focus On Motherhood

9/1/2011 8:57am EDT
Stacey Dash
Actress Stacey Dash has quit her role on Queen Latifah's TV show Single Ladies to concentrate on life as a mom.

The Clueless star played fashion boutique owner Val Stokes in the first series of the VH1 comedy, which is filmed in Atlanta, Georgia.

However, Dash has decided to leave the show before season two begins shooting to spend more time with her family, who live in Los Angeles.

She tells, "I truly enjoyed playing Val on Single Ladies, but I have decided to leave the show. I have to be back in L.A. with my children right now and the Single Ladies shooting location ...

Alicia Silverstone Supporting PETA's Seal Crusade

4/11/2011 8:07am EDT
Alicia Silverstone
Pregnant actress Alicia Silverstone is urging fans to join her in backing a People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) campaign to stop the slaughter of baby seals in Canada.

The Clueless star is a staunch animal rights activist and she's outraged that officials in the country are continuing to allow the killing of the creatures. She's asked her fans to help end the "disgusting spectacle" by writing to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to voice their disapproval of the slaughters.

In a post on her blog The Kind Life, she writes, "This year, the Canadian government continues...

Alicia Silverstone Is Pregnant

1/14/2011 2:50pm EST
Alicia Silverstone
Alicia Silverstone is set to be a first-time mom - she's expecting a baby with her rocker husband Christopher Jarecki later this year.

Silverstone, 34, and Jarecki, 40, wed in June 2005 after eight years together.

Her representative confirmed the "Clueless" star's pregnancy to on Friday.

Silverstone hinted she was set to start a family back in April, telling the website, "I've been wanting to have a baby since I was two years old - I'm destined to be a mother."

The actress is the latest to join the 2011 celebrity baby boom - Selma Blair, Victoria Beckham and Marion Cotillard ...

Mom Pretends Brittany Murphy Is Still Alive

12/22/2010 8:18am EST
Brittany Murphy
Brittany Murphy's mother sometimes "pretends" the actress is still alive because she struggles to accept the star's "strange" passing a year after her death.

The "Clueless" star died suddenly on December 20, 2009, after suffering a cardiac arrest at her Hollywood Hills home and her widower, filmmaker Simon Monjack, passed away just five months later.

Both husband and wife died of pneumonia combined with anaemia, and Sharon Murphy admits she's yet to come to terms with the double tragedy.

She has found it so difficult to cope on her own, every day is a battle to resume some sort of normal...

Brittany Murphy's Mom Planning Tell-All Book

11/10/2010 10:12am EST
Brittany Murphy
Brittany Murphy's mother is set to pay tribute to her late daughter in a new biography.

The Clueless actress passed away in December 2009 from pneumonia, and the tragedy was compounded when her husband, screenwriter Simon Monjack, died just five months later.

Their passings have since been tarred by a series of salacious rumors concerning missing money and claims Murphy's mother, Sharon, slept in the same bed as her son-in-law after the actress died. Sharon spoke out to deny the rumors at the time and she is now hoping to silence tabloid gossip about her daughter by telling her story in...

What's The Top 'Feelgood' Movie Of All Time?

11/6/2010 10:30am EDT
Dirty Dancing
"Dirty Dancing" has been voted the top feelgood movie of all time. The romantic 1987 movie, starring the late Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey, polled 15 percent of votes in a new poll.

Editor Helen Cowley says, "Dirty Dancing has all the key ingredients to pick you up, a first love, summer romance, great dancing, Patrick Swayze and one of the best soundtracks in film."

Jack Black's "School of Rock" came in second, while cult teen movie "Clueless" and "Grease," starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, also featured in the top 10.

See more "Dirty Dancing" photos here!

Spotlight: The Best Teen Comedies

9/16/2010 10:00am EDT
High School can be the best time of your life or the worst horror you've ever experienced, according to Hollywood. Over the years movie after movie celebrates or criticizes (or both!) this transitional period for teenagers. Since the genre has really been done to death by now, it's rare that a film comes along that manages to do teen comedy well enough to stand out. With Easy A coming out on September 17th, there's some buzz going around it might be one of those films, but the jury is still out. For now let's look at some of the best teen comedy flicks over the years; the ones who started t...

'Bachelor Pad' Recap: The Crying Game (Plus The New 'DWTS' Cast)

8/31/2010 4:55pm EDT
Bachelor Pad
Gia’s gone, Wes and Dave are fighting, and Natalie is still holding onto her rose when a box of clipboards comes to the house. On said clipboards are surveys that want to know what everyone honestly thinks about the rest of their housemates. So basically, this week’s competition will involve the kind of psychologically damaging cruelty usually reserved for 12-year-olds at sleep away camps and slumber parties. Given that last week’s “Bachelor Pad” featured the nastiest Spin the Bottle (sans bottle) game ever, this latest episode of protracted adolescent humiliation is par for the course. Let...

Brittany Murphy's Mom Slams 'Absurd' Mold Allegations

7/26/2010 2:20pm EDT
Brittany Murphy
Brittany Murphy's mother has blasted "absurd" reports suggesting mold in her daughter's marital home may have contributed to the untimely deaths of the actress and her husband Simon Monjack.

Health officials at California's Department of Public Health have allegedly launched an investigation into claims the couple's respiratory health could have been affected by the growth of mold in the Hollywood Hills mansion they shared before tragically dying within five months of each other. The Clueless star's mother, Sharon Murphy, who also lived at the property, is said to have initially refused t...

Brittany Murphy & Her Husband Died Of The Same Thing

7/22/2010 8:19am EDT
Brittany Murphy
Brittany Murphy's widower Simon Monjack died after suffering from pneumonia and anemia, which claimed the actress' life in December.

The "Clueless" star passed away on December 20 with pneumonia listed as the primary cause of death. Anemia and "multiple drug intoxication" were also stated as contributing factors.

Monjack was found unconscious at the Hollywood Hills home he once shared with Murphy in May - and the final coroner's report eerily states the British filmmaker died from acute pneumonia and severe anemia, according to

Traces of prescription drugs were also found in his...

Stacey Dash Is Keeping Her 'Kitty' Hostage

6/3/2010 2:49pm EDT
Stacey Dash
Actress Stacey Dash is abstaining from sex after splitting from her third husband earlier this year.

She explained, "The problem was I slept with all of my husbands on the first date. He'd ask me and I'd say 'yes.' At this moment in time, the kitty is officially being held hostage."

Stacey is most well known as Alicia Silverstone's best friend and fellow fashion plate Dionne in the 1995 film "Clueless." She recently starred in the TV series "The Game" and has several films in production, including "House Arrest," "Dysfunctional Friends," and "Close Quarters."

Believe it or not, she is ...

Brittany Murphy's Husband Found Dead

5/24/2010 8:07am EDT
Simon Monjack & Brittany Murphy
Brittany Murphy's widower Simon Monjack has been found dead in the Los Angeles home he once shared with the actress.

Murphy's mom Sharon is said to have called emergency services on Sunday night after finding the screenwriter unconscious in the master bedroom of the Hollywood Hills property where the Clueless star died in December. He is believed to have suffered a cardiac arrest. Resuscitation efforts failed and he was pronounced dead at the scene, according to

Sergeant Louie Lozano of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) tells the website, "We have detectives at (the...

Queen Latifah Introduces 'Single Ladies' The TV Series

5/6/2010 9:06am EDT
Queen Latifah
Queen Latifah has taken inspiration from Beyonce for a new TV comedy series about a group of girlfriends who are unlucky in love - she's named it after the star's mega-hit Single Ladies.

The rapper/actress' new show, Single Ladies, revolves around the love lives of three women who will be played by Clueless star Stacey Dash, Lauren London and LisaRaye McCoy. And Dash is confident the program will be a hit.

She tells, "My character is very similar to my own life because I've never been single. Literally, since I've been 17 years old. She's never been married, the character that ...

Stacey Dash Claims Her Husband Beat Her

4/9/2010 8:07am EDT
Stacey Dash
Clueless star Stacey Dash was granted a restraining order against her husband on the day she filed for divorce - after alleging he beat her during their two-year union.

The 44-year-old actress split from her husband of three years, Emmanuel Xuereb, in January and a judge granted her a protection order when she filed legal papers to make the split official. The order signed by a judge on January 29th and still in effect, has been obtained by and the documents include Dash's allegations that her partner hit her in the face, head and body during their marriage.

In the papers, Dash ...

Pharmacist: Brittany Murphy Got Hundreds Of Pills A Month

3/20/2010 9:38am EDT
Brittany Murphy
A Los Angeles chemist is questioning remarks Brittany Murphy's widower made about his late wife's drug intake, revealing he stopped serving the couple and the actress' mother over fears "there was going to be an accident."

Eddie Bubar, who owns Eddie's Pharmacy, reveals he filled more than 100 prescriptions for the "Clueless" star, her husband Simon Monjack and her mom Sharon between January 2008 and August 2009 under various aliases.

The pharmacy boss has told investigators a courier picked the various prescriptions up in an envelope approximately every two weeks with the name 'Lola Mani...

Comparisons Between Brittany Murphy & Corey Haim Make Widower Furious

3/19/2010 8:25am EDT
Brittany Murphy & Simon Monjack
Brittany Murphy's widower Simon Monjack has slammed comparison's between his wife's death and the Corey Haim tragedy - insisting the only link between the pair was their acting careers.

The British producer admits he's "furious" about comparisons made between the "Clueless" star's death and Haim's suspected overdose last week.

Speaking exclusively to news show "Access Hollywood," Monjack says, "That's absurd... Corey was someone that had openly used drugs for many, many years and had a problem. Brittany was someone that had never used a drug in her life."

Asked if he ever saw Murphy take...

Stacey Dash Confirms She Was Jamie Foxx's Oscar Date

3/15/2010 8:46am EDT
Stacey Dash
"Clueless" star Stacey Dash has confirmed her new romance with Jamie Foxx - the pair enjoyed their "first date" at last week's Oscars. The actress recently filed for divorce from her husband Emmanuel Xuereb, who she married in 2007.

She sparked speculation of a new relationship with Foxx when she accompanied him to the Academy Awards, and stayed by his side at the Vanity Fair after-party.

Now, the 44-year-old beauty has revealed the "Ray" actor asked her out after she appeared on his radio show - and admits they really "like each other."

She tells Rap-Up, "I did his radio show The Fox...

Jamie Foxx Dating Stacey Dash?

3/9/2010 8:30am EST
Jamie Foxx
Jamie Foxx has sparked rumors he's romancing Clueless star Stacey Dash after she accompanied him to the Oscars. The actress recently filed for divorce from her husband Emmanuel Xuereb, who she married in 2007.

She opened up about the split on Foxx's Sirius XM radio show, The Foxxhole, on Friday, explaining how the pair has grown apart over the last three years.

And the Ray actor fuelled speculation he is now dating the 44 year old, after posing for up-close photos with her on the red carpet at the Academy Awards on Sunday night and taking her to the Vanity Fair after-party.

A source t...

Brittany Murphy's Foundation Is Not Legally Registered

2/15/2010 9:37am EST
Brittany Murphy
Officials at the foundation set up in Brittany Murphy's name following her death in December have vowed to hand back all donations - after reporters discovered it is not registered as an official charity. The Clueless star's husband Simon Monjack created The Brittany Murphy Foundation in honor of the actress - who died of a cardiac arrest aged 32 - in a bid to raise funds for art education.

However reports that the foundation is in name only - as it has not legally registered as a charity with the state of California.

Following requests for comment by, the website w...

Brittany Murphy's Last Film Set For Summer Release

2/12/2010 2:53pm EST
Brittany Murphy
The last film tragic actress Brittany Murphy made before her death is set for release this summer. The Clueless star passed away on December 20th after suffering a cardiac arrest at her Hollywood Hills home.

She finished shooting psychological thriller Abandoned in June last year with co-stars Dean Cain and Mimi Rogers - in which she plays a woman who receives a ransom demand after her boyfriend mysteriously disappears. Distribution company Anchor Bay Entertainment has now bought the rights to the film for a North American release, bringing Murphy back to the big screen months after her...