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Adam Sandler - Michael Newman
Kate Beckinsale - Donna Newman
Christopher Walken - Morty
David Hasselhoff - Ammer
Henry Winkler - Ted Newman
Julie Kavner - Trudy Newman
Sean Astin - Bill
Joseph Castanon - Ben at 7-Years-Old
Jonah Hill - Ben at 17-Years-Old
Jake Hoffman - Ben at 22-30 -Years-Old
Tatum McCann - Samantha at 5-Years-Old
Lorraine Nicholson - Samantha at 14-Years-Old
Katie Cassidy - Samantha at 27-Years-Old
Jennifer Coolidge - Janine
Rachel Dratch - Alice/Alan
Sophie Monk - Stacy
Michelle Lombardo - Linda
Cameron Monaghan - Kevin O'Doyle
Jana Kramer - Julie
Nick Swardson - Bed, Bath & Beyond Guy
Sid Ganis - Dr. Bergman
Michael Yama - Watsuhita Head Executive
Mio - Watsuhita Executive
Eiji Inoue - Watsuhita Executive
Toshi Toda - Watsuhita Executive
George K Eguchi - Ancient Executive
Katheryn Cain - Kirsten
Frank Coraci - Male Nurse
John D. Pagano - Band Leader
Tim Herlihy - Doctor
Ireesha - Jogger
Emilio Cast - Michael at 10-Years-Old
Elliot Cho - Ping Woo
Willy Goldstein - Lakeside Camp Boy
Lily Mo Sheen - Lakeside Camp Girl
Carolyn Hennesy - Kathy O'Doyle
Gary Holm - Body Double – Fat Michael
Elena Patten - Samantha's Friend
Cheyenne A. Dean - Samantha's Friend
Alan Au - Ping Woo's Father
Ryan Keiser - Firecracker Teen
Chris Gutierrez - Firecracker Teen
Nickole Reyes - Firecracker Teen
Brianna Davis - Firecracker Teen
Robert Jones - Firecracker Teen
Jenae Altschwager - Judy
Manish Goyal - Habeeboo Entourage
Marco Khanlian - Habeeboo Entourage
Ahmad Jordan - Habeeboo Entourage
Jamil N Hodaly - Habeeboo Entourage
Alireza Tanbakoochi - Habeeboo Entourage
Dolores O'Riordan - Singer
Sally Insul - Aunt Peggy
Marco Khan - Habeeboo Entourage
Frank Coraci
Neal H. Moritz
Jack Giarraputo
Adam Sandler
Steven Koren
Mark O'Keefe
Barry Bernardi
Tim Herlihy
Tania Landau
Kevin Grady
Steven Koren
Mark O'Keefe